Monday, October 04, 2004

Day 1. On the bus.

+6:20 am Get on first bus.
+6:30 am Transfered to the second bus.
+6:35 am Walked to My's day care (a half a block).
+6:40 am Dropped My off.
+6:42 am Begin walking to my third bus stop.
+6:50 am Get on third bus.
+7:40 am Get off third bus.
+7:50 am Get on red line train.
+8:20 am Get on gold line train.
+8:40 am Arrive in Pasadena
+8:43 am Catch fourth bus.
+8:52 am Arrive at work.

Yeah that's crazy right? I was on 6 (4 buses and 2 trains)types of public transportation today and that was just to GET to work.

I got a ride home from my co-worker. I got home at 7pm my normal time.

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