Monday, September 27, 2004

"Whatcha know about a supa model..."

I love Usher. Even though, I hear he has a serious case of OCD (obcessive compulsive disorder)via Rolling Stone Magazine issue #948 May 13, 2004:
" seperating M&Ms in different bowls by color, which he does to keep his hands busy when he's sitting around, or the need to coordinate the fifty or so pairs of jeans in his closet by fade color. Whenever he goes out, in addition to carrying $5000 in cash he takes along a small bottle of hand sanitizer"

I had to sight my source of reference so those Usher-heads won't bombard my blog with nasty notes

Friday MC called me and asked if I wanted to go with him to his friend's house to "hang". Since I am the sophisticathed lady that I am I told him "hell naw, I don't want to be the only chic in a room full of dick." On second thought I guess it doesn't seem all that bad.

SO instead I went to the BOOTLEG movies (Catch-a-case's house) and watched "Celluar" which is not that bad...ok yes it is... and "Anaconda"...which I fell asleep on after the first asshole got eaten.

After the movies =SLEEP...beautiful, uninterrupted, pillow saturated in slober, sleep....

Saturday Got my toes done.

Went shopping because I knew I was going to have to get out the damn house.

Went to club Monte Cristo with my cuzo (cousin) Kita and some of her co-workers. Who, by the way, were just ugly.

I know it's not nice to call people ugly and I'm not all extra too-fine-sexy-hot-momma, but when they are and it's true you just have to say it. These chics were ugly. And not the type of oh they just need some make-up or a quick outfit make over type ugly. They were ugly. Now please don't go to thinking that I think I'm all that, because I am the first to point out the fact that my bottom teeth are a little crooked from sucking my thumb and that I prolly need a boob job; but the these chics were bringing down the property value.

One was like 7 foot 9 and had this light brown weave in her jet black hair that was dry and all mangled and obviously uncombed and quite possibly could have had curls at the ends at one point but was long gone and forgotten by the time she got to the club. She had these crooked, extra large, extra long rabbit teeth that had a gap in the middle.Her eyes looked down syndrome and her cheeks hung down suspiciously. ***pauses and squints eyes*****She had on this pink drop neck shirt that she had to keep pulling closed because her sagging breast were almost falling out, these black spandex ankle hugging pants on and strappy shoes.

The second chic was kind of chunky; but it was a cute Countous Vaughn type chunky. She would have been adorable excepted she kept scrunching her face up like her top lip stank and bugging her eyes out like a damn iguana. She had these 9 month old cornrolls in her head and jelly-beads at the ends. She wore this SKIN tight tan colored, tube dress, with apparently NO undergarments at all, and it was entirely too big at the top so it was sticiking out because oddly enough, even though she was a big girl, she had no titties. She had on light green flip flops and her toe nails were brown and not because of the polish.

The third chic had this flowing type shirt that fadded from white into greyish blue, these white ankle hugging jean pants (is this some new thing that I just don't know about?) and these black suede shoes. She had a curly weave and had her real hair straight with about a hand full of gel plopped on top of it all. Her face was pretty but she had the mean mug on like the chunky chic that just made her look awful.

I am a happy person and spoke to all of them...cause their ugly don't affect me...but they all had attitudes.

Being that I am a lush, had my first few drinks (all within ten minutes of each other) and sat my ass down and tried to start up a convo with the girls. None of them seemed to be happy. So I offered to buy a round of drinks to perk up the convo but, no one partook. So I eneded up dancing by myself for a bit.

Then the tall one came out and danced with me and she and I started up a convo. We were laughing about New Edition and some dude with a white belt on (My opinion is that men who wear white belts are gay...that's just me) and she turned out to be really nice. Once the other two saw that me and the tall one and my cuzo were having a good time they figured out I wasn't the stuck up bitch they thought I was, so they came out to dance.

When I confronted my cuzo on her friends, she said that the chunky one told her that she thought I looked like i was going to be stuck up so she automatically had an attitude with me and that the other two are her lackies so they prolly just followed suite.
At first I got pissed off because I knew it was most likely a self esteem issue on their part. Because anyone who knows me knows that I can be the sweetest most kind hearted girl ever. Then I thouhgt it was thier bad that I wasn'looking all crack-ish like thier asses. Because excuse me saying so I was working my black heels and that army green skirt and that black low cut shirt with "my" curly hair.

Then I thought maybe I do give off that attitude to people. I've never had anyone tell me that, but maybe I give off that "I think I'm cute" vibe... I don't...think I'm cute that is....but maybe I unkowingly give that ora off. Because even though I liked how I was looking I'm never the type chic to be so high on herself that she can't see her attitude is stank.

My sister gives off that vibe. If I were someone that didn't know her and I was introduced to her I wouldn't like her at first. I told her that when she and I went to the movies the other day and she was totally offened by that....I think that's how I'd be if someone ever told me that.

I think I will evaluate how I interact with people. I def don't want people to think I'm stuck up.

Sunday Didnt go to church I was too hung over.

Picked My up from dads and went to my Rush party.

Thusly, I ended my weekend with a pizza party with my two year old.

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Duchess said...

OK seriously Jen, that happens to me alot. girls just wanna hate- they wanna find something wrong with you. If youre pretty they think your stuck up- if you drive a nice car- youre stuck up. so basically the only way to get a fair chance at a first impression is if youre ugly and youre "under" them?