Monday, September 27, 2004

20 things I got to do while MY was away...

My weekend was baby free!!!!!

My went to the babysitter her dad's and for the first time since last Christmas I had TWO WHOLE DAYS to myself. Here is a list of things that I got to do while My was gone:

#1. Get my toes done without having to pay $3 for the Asian lady to put ten dots of polish on My's toes.

#2. Take a bubble bath with candles and not have a fully clothed two year try to get in the tub with me.

#3. Sleep until 12 on a Saturday.

#4. Not eat breakfast.

#5. Get out the car quickly.
#6. Not pack anything for a full day of shopping.

#7. Not say "pee-pee" or "poo-poo".

#8. Take a full length shower.

#9. Wash my hair, without a two year old crying because she thinks I'm going to wash hers next.

#10. Leave the iron on.

#11. Have chocolate chip cookies for dinner.

#12. Get something to drink without refilling a sippy cup.

#13. Wear heels.

#14. Walk up the stairs fast.

#15. Let the phone ring when it was someone I did not want to talk to without having
a 21 month old answer it.

#16. Not change any diapers, potty pants or "potts" (as she calls them).

#17. Not decipher any broken down syllables that resemble words...except when I was on the phone with the pizza man.

#18. Not wear pajamas. Without someone pointing it out to me. "No yammies, mommy , no yammies".

#19. Not give my child "shes" everytime I open the refrigerator. The kid loves CHEESE!

#20. Use the restroom by myself!!!This, by the way, is something that all you non-mommies need to charish: using the bathroom #1 or #2 alone.

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Jenny said...

my bad....asmemnoch corrected me...these are Single Father issues as well...Jenny