Monday, September 13, 2004

my weekend.

i really didn't do much this weekend.

friday, My was sick. so i didn't want to go anywhere really. not that much was going on...oh, yeah, there was this "flag party" for south american independence day, but it was 18 and over and i don't particulary care to party with youngins..that's usually when the trouble gets ta bubblin...not that the "21 and up" crowd is any better, but there is generally a less chance of someone getting mad cause you stepped on his air force ones that it took him six months of allowance to buy.

so i stayed home friday and cleaned the hizzy.

saturday, I went and got some shit fixed with my new old car. i can finally take the damn number out of my window and get some real license plates.

when i got home, guess who called me? CRAZY CHRIS. Lord knows this man is out his mind.I have been having dealings with this man since I was 13. He was the first guy I ever kissed and he seems to be dead set on making himself the first person I have to kill. doesn't the term having dealings sound real old school? He claims that we are getting married and that we're going to make beautiful "coffee con leche" children. The problem with that is, he's a one hump wonder. No lie, I promise you, this one time we had sex and it lasted the length of time that it takes the Ricky Lake theme music to play. I was hot. Not only the sex thing but he drives me crazy and only because I let him. AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!

i washed, blowdryed, pressed and flat ironed my own hair so I was completely out of it for the rest of the evening, i went straight to sleep. My hair is toooo thick and absolutely to NAPPY for me to be playing Indiana Jones and going at it myself...but a sista is broke and broke does not have to equal ugly afro.

hernandez had called me early in the day to tell me he wanted to "come through" whatever that shit means...I said cool. but I fell alseep so even if his punk ass would have called me to say he wasn't "coming through" I would have been sleep. SO, I don't know about this nigga no more. things were going real straight but I don't know...I hate feelin like I can't trust you to be real with me. I feel like he's not being upfront about his situation. I know last week I had a conspiracy theory going abouthim and sony studios and I know that I have the tendency to take one little "clue" and run with it and i know he has issues with the INS and shit but I think there's more... the plot thickens..

i am seriously looking into this hermit thing. men....can live with them...that's it nothing else.

Sunday, I went to church...The pastor was in Africa, so we had a guest speaker. This woman is amazing every time she comes to my church. The last time she was here one of the things she talked about is how having grandchildren is your reward for not killing your children... too funny.

After church I was supposed to go to the beach with sony studios, her new "guyfriend" and martinez. But Maritnez and Sony Studios are the reason that I don't have very many friends. They are the type of people women that are always in your face but constantly talking behind your back and behind each others backs. It's ridiculous. Once I started thinking of that and how if I went with them I'd prolly ride with one of them and I'd prolly have to stay as long as they wanted to stay and listen to thier rambling on about each other if one walks away and about everyone who crosses thier paths so I decided that I didn't want to deal with it.

Instead, My and I went to Dockweiler Beach right down the street from my house. I figured My would be afraid of the water and not want to put more than her feet in, so I didn't bring a change for her but that cow put her whole body we had to leave early.

I spoke to Hernandez for a minute but I guess instead of talking about the issue i just had an attitude so we didn't talk very long...I know, I know, that was me trippin, cause even if he is doing something wrong I shouldve said something instead of getting an attitude.

Catch-a-case called me last night too. He was all guffed up because I haven't called him in two weeks. Every time I talk to him, I remember that he is three years younger than me and I feel like a dirty old lady.

Sunday night, last night My was taking quick rapid shallow breaths, sweating, had a low grade fever, being very clingy and whinney and could barely hold her head up, so i called the doctor and he says "give her cough medicine and bring her in tommorrow at 10 as soon as we open" what the shit kind of advice is that?

I was super worried and barely slept at all. I called Muq and all this tramp can talk about is how she and her "not-really-her-boyfriend-but-we-have-sex-and-don't-want-each-other-to-talk-to-other-people-and-sometimes-tell-people-that-we're-engaged-and-are-planning-on-moving-in-with-each-other" friend aren't talking to each other. My baby is ill and your telling me about this shit? Something about some guy from her job calling her and her "friend" thinking it was another guy...? what the? AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!! what the hell? come on, she's supposed to be my bestfriend and the entire time I'm telling her about my baby she keeps turning the conversation back to herself. No don't get me wrong, she does have the tendency to be a little self-glorified at times but this is my baby...i do know that but this shit pissed me off.

This morning I get to the doctors office at 10, the nurse triages My, puts us in a room and doesn't tell me until 1215 that the damn doctor called in sick today. aint that about a bitch? I missed four hours of work for nothing at all. I'm changing doctors. My seemed to be feeling better I plan on taking her to see her new doc some time this week...


jirzygurl said...

okay why did I have Hernandez and martinez mixed up for a minute... I had to scroll back up because I was type confused!! LOL! Anyway your doctor sucks and I do hope it's nothing serious with My!

Jenny said...

yeah my drama-filled life will confuse you....
My is feeling much better. As soon as I got to work yesterday I changed her doctor.