Thursday, September 09, 2004

"things that make you say hmmmmm"

the title has nothing to do with nothing...i was just reminiscing on the days of the Arsenio Hall show.

Last night it was hot as a pot, here in Cali... My ass though I was going to burn the hell up.

My went peepee in the potty last night!!! I was so excited!!! I let her wear potty pants to school today. yeah she thought she was hot.

I didn't talk to hernandez last night a sista gotsta be watchin "The Player" on Wednsesdays. I talk to bigsis the entire time I watch it so all phone calls get delayed during that time.

why Why why is it so hot?

My moms is supposed to go back home to FLorida this weekend if it's safe to see if her hizzy is still standing. The Hurricane came straight for her house. supposedly her windows could withstand 125 mile hour winds and the hurricane was down graded to 90 MPH so hopefully all is well.


jirzygurl said...

Yo I don't know anyone else that watches the player! I am so mad at Ananda... is it me or do she seem like a hater! And they set Chyno's ass up something so serious but then again... he was the dummy that fell into the trap! I think Acie is gonna win now! I just wish he would stop wearing those dang hats!

Jenny said...

I love that stupid show...My sister and I watch it every week even when they replay it on Tuesdays. I just knew it was going to be a catch and Chino was somehow going to come back next week...Me and Ananda WOULD not be friends after the show was over... I can't stand when she says "don't hate the player, hate the game..." it sounds so artificial.

jirzygurl said...

Ananda is a hater... she really does irk me. Chyno was my boy but they really set him up! I will be definitely hitting you up on Thursday to discuss next weeks episode :-)