Tuesday, August 10, 2004

the bus people/I gotsta come up....

ok, so I spent the majority of my day yesterday on the bus: two hours and fifteen minutes on my way to work and four and a half hours on my way home.

why are the people on the bus...so...so...so... frightening?

1. On my way to work there was this young girl, beautiful face, nicely shaped body, perfect make-up, perfect hair, lovely looking young lady, has on short, short pom-pom shorts and high strap up shoes and get this in the middle of august in california she has on a fur coat...to hoe or not to hoe?

2. On my way coming home, there's a man with all black on and he's telling folks that he's the devil.

3. An old woman gets on and it takes her 20 minutes.....no exagerration...she had like 10 bags that were all tied together. It was wierd.

I hate riding the bus. I know that most likely I am not going to be able to afford tog et my car out of impound I already am in trouble with the Ford dealership and owe them two payments... they sent me a notice that my car is going to be repossed. I think I'm going to file bankrupcy. I have to. I owe so many people so much money. At least I'll be able to start thinking about buying a house when I'm 30. I don't know. I'm going to try to get this 10,000 dollar loan, but I don't think my credit is good enough.

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Anonymous said...

LMAO! Always some damn characters on the bus for real. I live in the suburban hood so I don't get a whole lot of crazies up my way...but let me go into downtown ATL and use their system. Goot lawd! Stories for days.

- Lisa (ghettointellect.com)