Wednesday, August 11, 2004

My top "I want to's..."

1. get married.

2. have another baby.

3. fall in forever love.

4. buy a house.

5. straighten out my credit.

6. get a college degree.

7. become a real teacher...first grade.

8. write a book.

9. go to hawaii.

10. retire somewhere beautiful, on a beach.

11. go to new york.

12. produce a fashion show.

13. own a boutique.

14. own a nite club.

15. own every beautiful shoe I've seen.

16. put my daughter through college.

17. see my daughter get married.

18. have grandchildren.

19. understand my mother.

20. leave a 100 dollar tip.

21. own every episode of def comedy jam.

22. own every episode of sex and the city.

23. own everything that martin lawerence has ever been in. his sitcom, stand-ups and movies.

24. visit Belize.

25. get a tatoo.

26. color my hair redish brown.

27. spend a week at disneyworld.

28. go on a seven day cruise.

29. get a car...since I'm on the bus now.

30. become a true tither.

31. become a more active member at my church.

32. wear lipstick every day.

33. have sex on the beach, with the waves hitting me..yeah, I know.

34. be able to express myself better.

35. take a cooking class.

36. take a design or color coordinating class.

37. learn to flat iron my own hair.

38. be able to get my hair and toes done, at a shop, every two weeks.

39. wear nice clothes everyday.

40. be that girl that everyone wants to be at the club.

41. go on famiy feud...I'd have to have enough "family" to do that though

42. have thanksgiving at my house.

43. have a "crew"...right now it's just me and Muq

44. be the best mom I can be.

45. take a parenting class.

46. buy a computer.

47. buy a camcorder.

48. get my license back.

49. pay my bills on time.

50. pay my bills when they come...the same day.

51. get cable.

52. move into a two bedroom.

53. buy a new bedspread.

54. cut my daughter's dad's tongue off so that he can't lie so much....ok that was a bit hasty how about, have a real sit down with him and truely understand his issues.

55. smile more.

56. be more polite.

57. teach a children's art class.

58. find my friend Annie.

59. find my friend Gina.

60. see a psychiatrist.

61. watch tv less than three hours a day.

62. have season tickets to see the lakers.

63. meet my sister.

64. go to the super bowl.

65. work out more...ok work out period.

66. find my friend James.

67. get a job with better pay but with the same emotional reward as the one I have now.

68. get my daughters shots up to date.

69. call the health department and employement department on my current employer.

70. have fresh flowers delivered to me.

71. feel loved.

72. master the majority of the positions in the kamasutra.

73. involve more women in my sorority.

74. set up a website for my sororities chapter.

74. go to the national conference EVERY TWO TIME for my sorority.

75. Visit my sorority house in Detroit.

76. make my man cum everytime I give him head...right now I'm about at a 60%.

77. get an earring at the top of my ear.

78. get my bottom teeth straightened via invis-a-line.

79. dance on the stage at Jamaican Gold.

80. have so much food in my kitchen that it looks like I've gone grocery shopping everyday.

81. get rid of the scars on my legs.

82. experience financial freedom.

83. make Hernandez my boyfriend.

84. buy a new vaccum.

85. have laser hair removal surgery .

86. have a six pack again.

87. always wear clean tennis shoes.

88. learn more about my family history.

89. be a more diligent worker.

90. eat more fruits and vegetables.

91. drink more water.

92. meet the following people: Holly Robinson Peete (since folks always say I look like her), Steve Harvey, Martin Lawerence, Zane, E. Lynn Harris, Bill Clinton, Tupac's mother Afeni Shakur, Geronimo Pratt

93. drink more smoothies.

94. vist all 50 states.

95. visit Africa.

95. visit the remence of the Undergroung Railroad.

96. "re"-buy all the CD's that I've either had stolen, lost or forever borrowed from me.

97. have a goldish red room in my home.

98. have an orgasim at least twice a week for the rest of my life.

99. only say what I truely feel.

100. love me.

101. know that my daughter knows I love her.

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MsTee said...

I need to do a list like this on my blog. Unfortunately I need to have shit RIGHT SMACK in front of my face and then i will get off my butt and do something. I enjoy reading...keep bloggin.