Monday, November 05, 2007

so, here's more of my drama

How can I have so much drama in four days?
Lists are my new thing... here's another one...
#1. I met this guy, lets call him, Hairshow, on Halloween. I was dressed as Foxy, he was just sexy. He asked for my number I obliged and thus is the case. He called me early Thursday morning. Talked a good game, made a sista smile. Really nice. Owns a business, betcha can't guess what it is.. duh! Hence, the nickname. Seemed to have a good life story. Called him Friday; but he seemed to be unavailable. So I went out with Prada. (skip to #2 if you like to read in chronological order...) Saturday, Hairshow called me and asked me to meet him for lunch. I was hungry, so I said yea. I drove the three blocks over to his shop (we drive everywhere in Cali) and we met at a little spot near by and ate rice beans and chicken. Something about his style I was feeling. He's light skin, which I guess is my thing this year, and has red hair and freckles. He's funny and got a little hood in him. So I was lightweight diggin him.

Sunday I took My to see the Bee movie, I was laughing at the guy mentioned in #2 and thought to myself, wouldn't it be funny if this light skin guy standing right here in the line holding this chics hand and holding that baby was Hairshow... I lean down to help My with her shoe and I hear "Jen.?" I looked up and guess who that light skin guy standing there in the line holding some chics hand and holding a baby was, HAIRSHOW! I burst out in uncontrollable a crazy person. Couldn't help myself, just my luck that I would see him there and that this would be the case.

Do you know this fool had the nerve to call me later (around 5) and just start talking like nothing happened? When I asked who was the chic at the movies, he said "oh I wanted to take my son to the movies and his mom wanted to come." Of all the stupid shit... that was the best.

#2 I met this other guy about two weeks ago, lets call him Prada. We've been talking much lately. And he's aiight. Light skin again and just way too pretty...shit he works at Prada. You have to have your picture approved by the Cooperate office in France to work there. Well we went out Friday night. We went to dinner and a movie and I was really diggin him. We went for a walk on the beach. Went back to his house, had coffee and ice cream. We watched Damon Waynans stand up and laughed our selves to sleep. He was a complete gentleman, didn't try no hanky panky or nothing. In the morning he took me to breakfast at Jack in the crack. Good times were had by all.

Saturdy evening he called me while I was in the Valley at a party for Sony Studios aunt. He was acting all bug aboo. Because I know I had told him about the party and he was claiming that he thought we were supposed to have dinner. I was like look I told you what I was doing today, why are you trippin? He just kept going on and on. I was getting pissed. plus I was drunk and he was killing my high, so I told him if he wanted to argue than I'll talk to him in the morning when I'm sober.

He called me all cracked out like telling me that he deserves to be treated better...blah blabl blah.. I don't like whiney men and I don't like listening to that shit. so I told him peace witht he two fingers, like Martin used to do on his show:
#3.Crazyc came by Saturday night. It started off cool. We were playing Uno. Watching Tv. when Prada called me late night 2am. I let the phone ring and Crazyc got so pissed at me. Was talking his shit all. I was so pissed at Prada. But more at myself... Crazyc know whats up but he don't want to see that shit...or hear the phone ring. He was really mad at me. It hurt.
#4 So as you can see I have no problem meeting them... I just meet the wrong ones. Or is it that I need to get my magnet fixed again? Like you do with your bank card...

#5 Saturday afternoon I took My ice skating. She got a little defeated and decided that really wasn't her thing. It wasn't mine either I didn't enjoy falling all over the freezing ice. Sony studios and her soon-to-be daughter in law came along too. It was nice to spend the afternoon with a mommyfriend. Later we went to Sonystudios' aunt's house, who was giving herself a b-day party. That was nice. You know since I told My it was a party she danced all the night long...wasn't no stopping her. Too funny I have pics maybe i'll share...still thinking about it.

Sunday I took My to the movies to see the Bee movie it was funny... I took her to Denny's afterwards to eat dinner and as we were leaving these two guys held the door open for us.I said "thank you" My says "Adios amigos!" It was so cute... I love my little muchkin.
Note to self: please write about the retarted people at work.

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