Monday, June 21, 2004


I had two whatever momments in the last twenty-four hours.

1. yesterday when I got home from Muq'a graduation, there was a message from MC that went something like:
"Hey, girl I've been trying to catch up with you.(no he hasn't).I tried calling your cellphone but I guess it's disconnected. So when you get this give me a call."

I, in return, leave him this message:
"Hey MC this is Jenny, I got your message and I was calling you back, but like always you're not answering your phone so do whatever when you get this."

2. Mr. Welch is actin all attitudinal because I'm at work IMing him and I didn't have the time to stop and chat with him. So I told him Whatever.

What's with men? Why I can't even get with the asking.

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