Sunday, June 02, 2013

Chi town stand up!!!!

I just came back from an amazing solo trip to the CHI! First time there ... Well I was born there, my mom left when I was 6 weeks old. She hated the city. So for clarification it was my First time there as a real human....

I went solo! No one with me! No one to meet up with! No boo to boo up with! Can you believe it? Jenny the solo traveller?AND  I had an amazing time. 

I had to work here in Lincoln land for the weekend and I figured since I had to be here I might as well drive out to Chicago since I'd never bed there before. So Saturday after work, I hopped on the road. 

It took three hours to get there.... And thanks to the satellite radio playing my gangsta rap... I was entertained. 

The hotel I stayed at was the InterContinental in Rosemont,IL it was absolutely beautiful!!!! Very nice and I am certainly a hotel snob. But this place took my picky breath away. The only thing I didn't like was that the fucking parking is $24 a day! What the fuck ! 

As a matter of fact parking in Chicago is way too expensive! I spent more $ on parking throughout the city then I did for the room!! 

So I hadn't planned anything for Saturday night. I didn't realize it would be only 5 pm when I got there. So I went online and found out that the Second City was one of the top comedy spots in the city. I figured I wouldn't look like such a looser at a comedy spot solo.

so I put on a dress that I had in my suitcase that I had planned on wearing to work, some ankle boats and hopped in my ride( that is after using my waterfall  style shower). ($20 to leave the parking structure)

I got down to the club  parked ($20!) and walked in. I felt stupid  because i was by myself and thought about just walking away. but shit noone there will ever see me again....I ended up having a great time. Very funny!

 After the show I  walked down Wells  street. There were lots of young "hip" looking folks (all white people) so I figured that was where the night life was. 

I met a older  white guy, super cool cat. actually he just walked up to me and started talking. smoking a cigarette like he'd   known me his whole life. i liked his swag.... i talked and walked with him for a few blocks...he said he was meeting friends and asked  if id like to go since i was there alone!!!!and he took me to dinner!! He was very nice! The friends too! It was sort of unbelievable !

I exchanged numbers and headed back to the hotel.

I was starving again. so i went downstairs to Fresco 21 the restaurant in the hotel and ordered a pesto shrimp pizza and a French Connection. there were two weddings being held at the hotel... so there were plenty of people too talk to. I finished my drink ( which had me faded) and took my pizza to my room... I took sexy naked pictures of my drunk self and sent them to men I used to date and went to sleep lol

I hated leaving that beautiful hotel room... But my day awaited me.. ( another $24 to leave the parking structure at the hotel)

Sunday I had a sightseeing tour scheduled for 11 am but I missed it due to the fact that Chicago has the craziest underground railroad type streets that strike fear in the hearts of true Californians! We don't do underground!! 

I ended up finding a street parking ($16) I was down the stairs from the Chicago tribune.

So I hopped on another tour boat with the same company if scheduled with  and saw the sights. The tour guide was awesome. One of the guys working on the boat was super handsome! But too young to ride this ride.

After the boat I walked to the art institute of Chicago and saw some of the most awesome art in the world!

 I walked back to the car through Millennium park and saw the "Bean" and then took the long way to the car so I could see the Chicago sign in front of the Chicago theater.  

I got back to my car right before the parking meter expired. Then I drove over to navy pier( I could've walked but... I'm lazy)

On navy pier I walked around debated seeing a show but choose not to. Then i met an adorable Puerto Rican guy visiting from Florida. i told him id be in florida in a few weeks and now he thinks we're getting married lol. 

he and I had lunch at margaritaville yeah I know it's not so Chicagoan but whatever. While paying I realized my ID was missing. I freaked out. Rushed out the restaurant without saying bye to puerto.... but i got his number.. The weird creepy security guard found my ID lying outside of my car so he waited by my car until I came back.... I thanked him, even though something about how he obtained my ID just didn't sound right. But whatever I got it back. 

I left navy pier ($25 for parking!!!) and went to Willis Tower formerly sears tower . 

i found street parking ($6.50) and went up to the 103 floor and walked out on some cheap plexiglass and took a photo! It was great.

Then I got in the rental and headed back to Lincoln land. I'm not in my hotel this week... I'm next door but its good.... Can't wait to go home on Friday.

Kisses blog world!

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NeenaLove said...

sounds like a fun trip... all i can say is NEVER drive around chicago. LOL... i thought i would die driving the chicago freeways!!