Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Post #1

YES YES…I know I’ve been off line for quite some time…. But I’ve decided to toss my hat back in the ring….

So lets consider this post, Post #1 (hence the title).

In this post I am going to make a series of admissions.

#1. I have fallen off guys!
Not just in the sense that I haven’t been posting on my blog….but I’ve fallen off on all areas of Jane-li-ness. I swear this chic typing right now is completely different from the girl that wrote the other 90% of the posts on this blog….
I have on NO make up right now.
My eyebrows haven’t been arched in WEEKS.
My finger nails look like that of a 12 year old boy.
My big toe is polished bright orange and the rest of the toes are chipping away and I have on stockings so you can see it.
My legs look like munchi-chi’s.
And that’s just some of the things…I feel like I need a complete and total do OVER. That is why this weekend, while my daughter is away at her fathers house….I will be treating myself to a complete and total make over!!!! Well not really. But I’m getting a massage, manicure pedicure, eye brow arch and facial.
I am determined to get my sexy back!!!!

#2…. This one I will leave blank…. This one I’ll come back to when I’m ready to admit it publicly….MAYBE never…maybe I’ll never say it out loud.

#3. I’m still with VH1… he’s still weird. We’re still in the same. We still got issues…but things are getting better I guess. I’ll go into this on another post….maybe.

#4. In the past I have not been good to my hair….I’ve been wearing Quick Weaves aka The Edge Killers…. Lately I’ve been experimenting with sew-ins and wigs…. I have taught myself to cornrow, and how do individuals (which was definitely necessary being that I have a 9 year old girl living in my house with a head FULL of hair)… so I cornrowed my hair and did a couple sew is….

Lately however I’ve been intrigued by lace wigs…specifically the glueless ones. So I did 10,000 Google searches on the topic…. Watched 900 hours of youtube video reviews and tutorials…and after much much consideration….I buckled down and purchased a full lace glueless wig online through rpgshow ( I will be doing a review on it as soon as I get it.)

Today I’m wearing a lace front from my local Beauty Supply Store. Here in Cali there’s a BSS on every corner…I’m so NOT exaggerating. Here’s a pic…

Here’s a top view.

So.... please read... and enjoy and comment....

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K♥E♥N♥Y♥A said...

good to see you back - Im just getting back in the swing of things too.