Tuesday, August 09, 2011


A long time ago in a far away land…. Nah, just kidding… a long time ago I did a post of my various hairstyles.

Well, I have a lot of friends that have asked me to do their hair. I’ve had ladies out on the street ask me to do their hair; but I keep telling people that I don’t do hair I just do my own.

The truth is what if the style doesn’t come out good? I am at fault! Or what if their hair falls out?! I don’t need anyone beating me up over her hair! Because I would fight a bitch about my hair!

Well, I have one friend, lets call her Key, really needs help. She’s a great girl really…but her hair game is not up to par. She’s the girl that always leaves her hair in way too long…

My other home girl her hair would normally be shot to hell as well….but she got the message when her sister finished cosmetology school…now she gets her DID every week. She was 35 wearing buns to work… but now she’s all super asymmetrical hair cut stylish chic girl…

Anyways my homegirl Key, asked me to do her hair. She’s short on funds… and I invited her to go to a party with me on Saturday (so I especially, want her hair to be cute.) *cheesy silly smile.

I’ve even thought to myself…she should let me do her hair. Finally this week she asked me to do it. So this Thursday for the first time I will be doing someone’s weave.

Now I am my OWN weavologist; I keeps my hair WHIPPED! but I will be weaving up some one else…. And I’m a lil scared….

Here’s the crazy part….I never do a full head weave on myself. I like it better when I leave a lil bit out…. but she wants no hair out… So I am going to be doing someone eslse hair in way that I’ve never done….

I went on to youtube and checked out a few chics and their closing styles and If KEY doesn’t want to buy the closure, then I am going to use the wrap around and glue and then inert it the closing and then sew in procedure….. We shall see…. I will definitely post and let the WORLD know how it came out….

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