Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Chutes and Ladders...

I’ve decided that I am going to update my blog regularly again. I’m going to try to commit to at least once a week…maybe more.
I am so much better when I am writing.
It gives me the opportunity to vent…. So Vent I shall.

So, let me see…what has been going on in my life?

I’m 30 years old now.

My birthday was lovely.
The night of my BIG DAY, VH1 greeted me at the door with a bottle of champagne and two glasses. He took me to this very nice restaurant in Beverly Hills, brought me some very nice solid gold ear rings, I felt like a princess.

The next day, I participated in the Revlon Women’s Walk for Cancer with my sister and daughter. That night I had a big party at a night club. I got SUPER STUPID dumb drunk and threw up on the table…that we were all sitting at...I scrapped my knee... and Vh1 says, I tried to walk home...on my own. sigh. Thank God I have good friends.

What else?
My kid is away for the summer so I’ve been out trying to be grown every chance I get.
I miss my little girl….can’t wait for her to come home

I’ve been taking a zumba class with my sister….which is FUN-A-Docious…I feel sexy once I get home…Like I need to make number 8’s with my hips.

Speaking of my sister, she almost died about a month ago.
Her blood pressure was so high she had to be hospitalized. She wasn’t taking her medicines…why…because her “man” thinks drugs do the body more harm than good…apparently my sister the nurse doesn’t have her own mind anymore…but that’s her life and her choice…I take my hands off of it!

Speaking of men….I love mine. With his old broke…someof the time working, procrastinating, never finishing what he starts ass. Something about him that I love...something about the fact that I love him drives me crazy...but this is my situation. I love him. He loves me.

More to come....

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Anonymous said...

yay glad you're back! was surprised to get your update in my feed!