Monday, August 10, 2009

"it's getting getting getting kinda hectic"

The title makes no sense...just a song playing in my head.

so I have lost my voice.
I went to Six Flags this weekend with my boyfriend, NDN and her boyfriend, and like 6 other was soooooo much fun. I screamed my head off.....and now I sound like "De-bo" from Friday.....

I can not wait for my daughter to return.... I love my little monkey butt.... I think I'm going to have a little BBQ in her honor.

I am a face book junkie.

On the serious tip.... I'm being treated for PMDD... it's Pre-mentstral Dysphoric disorder.... where when the week before your period you go CRAZY! lol.... well I have completly out of control emotional out bursts and I get really depressed or really manic and crazy or super sleepy...

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Nina said...

I think I should get checked out for that!