Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Is it me or is this just nonesense?

I didn't get a chance to finish my post yesterday....I'll try again later...

Any ways... I gotta write about VH1 and our arguement last night.

Like I said last post we went to Six flags with like 10 of friends (most of them mine). Vh1 told me before hand that he really didn't have any spending money. I told him it was cool. I really wanted to go..since My daughter's coming back next week and I really won't be able to go out with a big group of friends anyway. So I told Vh1 I'd treat him. He was hesitant at first but he agreed. We rode with my friends so we didn't have to pay for gas, we split the cost of parking so it was only $7. Tickets were 50% off ($20 each)and we used my AAA discount for food so food only cost ($19).

So we had a good old time. Laughed and joked and got on all the rides.

At the end of the night, we were all getting snacks and suveniors and what nots. I wanted an ice cream. But in my pocket I only had $4. (the ice cream came to $6.03. So I came back out to the rest of the group and told everyone "Oh well I guess it wasn't meant to be. No ice cream for me!" I laughed it off. One of my guy friends handed me $2 and said "here take my change from my funnel cake"

I said yeah! and went and got the icecream... I came back to Vh1 and asked him if he wanted some and he said "no" and fanned me off. I didn't pay him any mind because when he's tired he's grumpy.

When we got home he was still acting all whack. I tried some small talk about the roller coasters but he wouldn't talk so I said forget it and went to sleep.

Finally Last night (TWO DAYS LATER) we are watching TV and he says "you just HAD to HAVE ice cream, huh?"

I was confused.... I didn't really know what he was talking about at first.
I say "What?"
he says, "At Magic Mountain, you just had to have icecream didn't you?"
I say "Are you serious? That's what you've been pissed about? that I had an ice cream? That someone gave me $2 funky ass dollars for icecream?"
He says "It's a guy thing."
I say "seriously, over $2?"
He stays quiet.
I say "YeS! I HAD to have an ice cream! It was 80 degrees outside I wanted an ice cream so I brought and icecream!"
He says "It's a guy thing."
I say "I could have whipped out my card and paid for the ice cream but I'd already brought tickets and lunch and I didn't want to...I just wanted icecream... get over it!"

He completely stops talking to me.
Finally like two hours later. He gets up kisses me on my check and goes to sleep. Doesn't say anything.

Normally he's not in any shape of form a jealous person. But he appears to seriously upset about this.

Is it me? Am I missing something?


Nina said...

i think its because it seemed like he couldn't provide for you...its small...but a GUY friend gave you $2.pride issues...boo!

EDE said...

I totally agree with Nina. I was in a similar situation before and my husband went balistic. He said that I am HIS woman and since I knew he didn't have the money, I should have not gotten something that neither of us could pay for. It didn't matter that it was only a couple of dollars. They look at it as my woman wanted something and I looked like a punk-ass cause I couldn't provide it.

Trish said...

I'm with the other ladies. It was definitely an ego thing. It makes them act really nuts.

Fishy Fish said...

It is definetly a pride thing when a man feels he cannot provide for his woman it lowers his self-esteem, but for us females $2 bucks is just that $2 bucks...we woulda let him take the money and ate half the damn cone...lol.
Hope all is well in your world now

Blackbutterfly said...

Yep its pride and he might feel the other guy is undermining him by giving you money when it should be him doing it.
Nothing like male pride/ego trust me its fragile.

JoaR said...

Okay, I agree with the other comments but its freaking $2....he didn't have it, another person offered, she enjoyed her icecream...it was great. Its been 24hrs....cant he move on. Bruised ego I understand but I don't think it was that big of a deal.

Annaly said...

Take it as a warning. He may get weird over other small stuff.