Thursday, July 23, 2009


ok, so I have been MIA for a long ass time! My bad...


So I decided to do a Quick List to get myself back in my Blog Mode....

*I am still with VH1. 17 months and going strong....I am soooo in love with him. I swear he is my other half. I praise God for meeting a wonderful awesome man like him.

* I miss my daughter terribly. She's in Florida until August 18th visiting my mom....she's been there since June 21st.

* I just brought a 60 inch Samsung flat screen....I paid cash for it.

*I'm having a Yard Sale on Saturday, just brought new tables in the living room...and my friend just gave me a dinning room table.

*I'm going to the Fair on Sunday.

* I went to the most fun wedding I've ever been to last weeked....It was so fun....OMG.

* My friend, Sonystudios, just had another baby.... A girl named Ryan Kathleen....she looks like a big ole foot ball. She has long bangs that swoop over her eye....letting us all know she's born a diva!!

* I secretly would like to have another baby....but I know VH1 wants to wait....sigh....but I'm 28. I'm getting old....that means these eggs are getting old...he better hurry

*otherwise all is well. how are you all doing?


Young woman on a journey said...

glad to have you back!

yaaay for you and vh1 still going strong? boo at the other baby...some of us are 28 and don't have one yet. lol.

how you doing?

Felicia|DaLipstickBandit said...

yay you're baaaaaaaaaaack!

about darn time!

Nina said...