Monday, July 27, 2009

Here we go yo, here we what's the, whats the scenario...

I miss my daughter so much! OMG….

The love I have for this little person is ridiculous.

There’s not even words to express how every thing I do reminds me of her and the love I have for her….

She’s my angel…

I was missing her so much that I called her with the intent of convincing her to come home early…. She and my parents and my stepsister’s daughter are staying on a resort in the Florida Keys…. They took an airboat down to the Everglades and saw an alligator show and she got to pet alligators and hold baby ones…Needless to say she did not want to come home early.

As for my week end:

Friday: Vh1 and I just hung out at the house…. We ordered pizza and drank wine and watched movies..

Saturday: I had my yard sale but I was only out there for an hour before the LAW came through threatening to give me a ticket…. Since I didn’t know that I was supposed to have a $5 permit in order to sale stuff on my own damn lawn!!

They can shoot folks on the other corner but I can’t sale my old crap on my lawn….I guess you don’t have to have a permit to shoot folks.

Sunday, VH1 and I went to the fair. We ended up having soooooo much fun that we are prolly going to go back.
We got on some crazy ride where the floor fell out and it swung us upside down and all around…
We saw a horse that was 3,045 pounds! It was the biggest animal I’ve ever seen…. HUGE! I tell you.
We ate chocolate covered bacon…. Oh yeah…
We got on this like ski lift type ride that only held us on with a thin padded bar…at any point we could have fallen off to our deaths living behind a 6 year old girl with no parents, well she’d have her biological father but he ain’t worth the cyberspace I’m typing on…….but we lived so all is well.
We got on some other ride where it spins around and glues you to the wall. AWESOME
We ate giant turkey legs and Dip n’ dots root beer floats….

I have some pics but... blogger has you go through too many steps to post them so...maybe another day.... or face book me.... I'm a face book addict now, by the way....I'll prolly end up in rehab or something for it...

So we had an awesome weekend.... I love my boyfriend soo much I swear I do...

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Nina said...

chocolate covered bacon???

um, ok! lol