Tuesday, April 14, 2009

I am not a hater ...so I don’t even understand hater culture. I guess cause I'm not a hater ,I can’t really get into the mindset of hater…! I can't even get into hater mode and think like a hater!!!

It's only four black folk’ work here altogether! Me, a chic in IT, another old chic in accounting and an old man in HR .....
Now why chic in IT been hating on me since I first started working here two years ago…could be cause I’m younger, and more fly and I don’t really talk much…I keep to myself and do my own thang…but what ever the reason I’ve done nothing directly or indirectly to her….but she always find a way to say something shady or do something haterific to me. I can't stand it!

Last night we walking out to the parking lot and she like...
"why you here so late?" Like with a mad attitude….
I say What?" Cause she and I ain’t friends….we usually say hi and bye but that’s it plus I was on the phone with my man trying to decide what we were going to cook for dinner not even the least bit concerned with her presence other that they half smile I gave her cause I know she’s a hater.
She says to me, "I thought you got off at 5:30.? (How she know what time I get off?)...Why you here so late with the rest of us worker bees?"
I say " I leave at 5:30 to pick up my daughter, she’s on spring break this week…"
She say "Oh, I thought you got to leave because you’re special…"
No I didn’t knock her two front teeth out like I wanted to….instead I act like I didn’t hear her just kept right on talking to Vh1 on the cell...
WHY! WHY! WHY are you’re so concerned with what I'm doing?! I don't even understand it? You ain't even on the same floor as me or same department as me...I could go months with out seeing or speaking to you.... Yet you so concerned with what I do.... You couldn't wait to step to me and say something!
Hi Hater!

** friendneimies***
Now honestly I love my friends. I belong to a ring of friends that all of us email each other daily. There’s 4 of us that spend our free time emailing back and forth…Whether it’s the odd news of the day, events going on in the office that we can’t say out loud or if it’s asking each other for advice. Of the four of us, I am the only one with a steady boyfriend…Another girl had a fiancée but she caught him in her house that she shared with him with another girl.
Now today she asks for advice about whether or not she should go to dinner with this guy…
You know what….mid post I got tired of what I was writing about…completely lost interest in it…oh well!

**** Funny story***
This morning me, Vh1 and MY were about to walk out the door....and
MY says "Vh1, I have something to tell you."
He says "What is it MY?"
She says "Please don't be mad"
He says "I won't be mad what is it?"
She says" I used your toothbrush"
I fell out laughing that is so nasty....
Vh1 was like "WHY!!! WHY!!! "
She was like "I don't know... I washed it off though.... "

Needless to say I brought new toothbrushes today....

***Blog Family!****

Don’t hate me because I haven’t been able to read and comment lately….my home computer is on the fritzes has been for like a year…and I can’t get my surf on at the workplace like I used to. But just in case you forgot….I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!!


Sha Boogie said...

LMAO @ MY saying 'don't be mad' HAHA!
i frikin love kids..

Nina said...

love you too!

and yea..that chik..want to smack her!

Monie said...

You sure you didn't smack that broad? We won't tell! LOL

LMAO @ the baby using his toothbrush!