Monday, April 27, 2009

eyyy yo aight!

1. my kid is officially a girl scout. her investiture service was yesterday.

2. i am so in love with this vh1 character.... can you believe it's been a year?

3. i went pass my uncles place this weekend. he was outside working on his truck. he was sooo happy to see me when i pulled up to say "hi" it really made me feel good. a warm feeling that I'd forgotten about.

4. my birthday's coming up...the big 2-8! i wanted to spend the night at Disneyland to celebrate but it doesn't look like that's going to work. i can't decide what else i want to do.... hmmmmm

5. my boyfriend made cornish hens, spicy rice and greens for dinner last night...then after dinner he pulled the meat off the bones and put each item in neat plastic containers so that I could have lunch today.

6. why are folks loosing their minds about this swine flu? its complete mass hysteria here at the drug wholesale! lol every single one of the calls i've answered today are requesting tamiflu ( a drug for the flu) or face it's stupid crazy

7. I slept good last night!

8. I plan on going to visit my homegirls out in Texas in June! it's gonna be fun-tastic!

9. i love my boyfriend but I hate that i can't talk about him with my friend stace. she has the worst man in the world and it's like she gets depressed when i tell her how great my man is.

10. my sister and her family are so cute! i love them.


Young woman on a journey said...

vh1 IS great! so great! i love the bit about cooking for you and giving you some for lunch. what a sweetie.

congrats to MY!

and its always unfortunate when you can't share your joy with the people you love the most.

Nina said...

poor stace. hopefully, it would MOTIVATE her instead..smh.

Sha Boogie said...

Forget Stace gurl, you can talk about VH1 here -- cuz I love him too for that dinner he made! lol

Trish said...

That was sweet of him to make dinner AND put the food away, now that's rare.