Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Correspondence Between Friends...

It all started with an email to my friend describing what I did for the evening. The description included the fact that once the evening was over, I went to pick my daughter up from her fathers house at 11pm and the poor kid was starving…she’d been there since 7 and all she’d ate was one boiled hot dog…with no bread…in four hours. I also told her how VH1 was really pissed about it.

This is what my “friend” responded to me:

“He was wrong for not feeding that baby ...but girl you know how these daddies be you should have feed her and packed her a snack.... He may not have had more them one weenie LOL.. You know bd's are sorry for the most part....
But what VH1 talking about. He is your man not saying it is his responsibility but you know comes with the package he suppose to spend time with her too and he with you so of course he spends more time with her cause he there. Sad and should not be but it is reality ......"

I then respond to her:

But really girl. He lives with his momma.... What the two of them eat for dinner? She get a check because she drank so much she in heart and liver failure. I know for a fact that she gets a check and food stamps because she told me. His son there and he wasn't hungry. So why is MY? he fed all them but he can't fee his daughter? He could've made her a 0.13Cent bag of Top Ramen and my baby would've been fine. It’s the 7th and they ain't got money from they check on the 1st.

I wasn't mad a VH1 for what he said. The way DJ is with MY is awful. He treats her like a stepchild or a burden. So I feel where vVH1 is coming from.
It wouldn't be a problem if DJ did something. He look at her little face and still treat her half a$$ed?!l HE don't do NOTHING!
For his son he take him to basketball games buy him shoes, buy him game boys and games and $hit and nothing for MY! And he ain't even sure that his son is his! Ra (the mother of his son told him that his son ain’t his) but he treat MY like nothing and he know for an absolute definite fact that My is his child.

I can't be mad at Vh1 for being pissed off that DJ aint being a man. Yeah it's VH1s job to do that because he with me but What's DJ's job? to be nothingness?
I don't feel sorry for DJ either. He is 30 years old with no job? No hustle? No car? No nothing? Vh1 don’t’ respect that because he do what he got to to make it happen…even if its for somebody else’s kid.”

To add to your disheartened feeling here’s a picture of MY:


Young woman on a journey said...

dj sounds so sorry. ugh! at least you have vh1 to keep up hope.

Nina said...

I was just about to fuss at you for not posting...yo! That's crazy! He's a loser and I wish I could kick him in the balls like for real!

JaeSpenc said...

Girl! That is ridiculous! How can you look @ your own CHILD and treat them that way? I know that it made you very sad thinking of her there hungry and watching everyone else have fun and (maybe) eat something...

Girl I would have gone POSTAL!

Sha Boogie said...

That is sad. *smh* bet if you do send her with a snack he would try to share with her, lol.