Thursday, March 12, 2009

Saturday is the day of my friends wedding so I'm going to be Flying up to San Fran to celebrate her big day with her.

Vh1 is going to Arizona tonight. he couldn't go with to be my date.

so I 'm going alone... I have mixed feelings about it. I'm scared and happy and worried I'll feel weird all at the same time. I should not have read that article in Cosmo this month about the chics who checked into hotels alone and folks killed them.

I actually been feeling wierd with Vh1 lately. I hate when people over explain things and that's what he's been doing a lot of. not that i think he's a cheater but he's hiding something and that pisses me off.

oK enough venting....


Young woman on a journey said...

don't assume the worst sweetie. no one is going to sneak into your hotel room. and vh1 might be hiding something better than you imagine! so just think positive and things will be positive!

Monie said...

Hmmmm...interesting comment up there. I agree! Think positive! And no one is going to kill you, J. LOL

Nina said...

i agree!

Dope Fiend said...


don't think the worst. hyperactive imaginations will get you nowhere but no sleep. lol!