Wednesday, March 18, 2009

I'm a face book junkie now.

I know I’ve asked this question before; but really, why are haters everywhere?
They feed on the scent of folks minding their own business, don’t they? They just can’t leave me alone. I’m in my cubicle I’m doing my business.



So my weekend turned out pretty good up there in Northern Cali.

Saturday morning Vh1 called me at 4 am to make sure I got up for my flight at 7.

I arrived in Oakland at 8.

I rented a convertible white mustang….yea! So you know I was looking super fine valentine.

It was foggy and I was a little irritated that I couldn’t put the top down

I decided to have breakfast Denny's and then go over to the mall (which I found with the GPS system in my rental car)..

And who should I run into at the Denny’s? The maid of honor! She was there with her mom.

They invited me to breakfast. Since I hadn’t checked into my room, they invited me to stay at their hotel room with them (the room was free because the bride and groom paid for it) so I canceled my reservation at my hotel (extended Stay Deluxe) and stayed with them at the Sheridan.

After breakfast we went back to their room.

Their room was where the bride got dressed, so I got to see her getting her make up on and everything. It was very nice.

I got dressed after the bridal party went down stairs.

And when I went down stairs to get in my car and WHY did it have a flat tire! I was so irritated.

When I called the rental service the man told me that he couldn't get there in enough time to change the tire and for me to get to the wedding in enough time, so to "just get a ride" YES that is his exact words….I was heated.

So I got a ride with the Maid of honor’s mom.

The wedding was BEAUTIFUL. When I say beautiful, I mean simply beautiful. It was at a golf course south of Oakland in San Ramon. .

The ceremony was out side next to this lake. It was cold but It was worth it.

The two bridesmaids had strapless dresses that gathered on the side and had a diamond pendant on the side.

The maid of honor wore a chocolate dress that was almost just like Michelle Obama's inauguration dress and it had a diamond o the shoulder. They all carried orange sunflowers in their hands.

The bride’s dress was strapless and gathered at the breast and had a diamond pendant in the center. It was like sheer flowy material to the ground. She wore her hair in straw curls and had a flower in her hair.

The guys walked in to the instrumental to "The Light" by Common. The girls walked in to this song by Musiq and she walked down the isle to this song by India Aire. Her mom gave her away.

The pastor was funny and sweet.

They jumped the broom.

After the ceremony there was a cocktail hour in the bar area of the golf course. The groom’s parents brought paid for all drinks.... and there was a slide show full of pictures chronicling their 7 year relationship….yes she waited 7 years..

Then we went inside for the reception.
They danced to "If your love was all I had" by Justin Timberlake.
The cake was white with chocolate brown designs on it.
The party favors were a burlap sack with a glass of brown sugar and their names on it...and these heart shaped measuring spoons and each spoon said stuff like "a pinch of love" a spoon of on and so on.


After the wedding I got back to the hotel called the rental car service and cussed them out. They came and fixed the tire at like 12 in the morning.

Then I had to return the car at 9. So, I didn't get to really drive it at all. I complained about the road side assistance and at first the manager said to me "what would you do if it was your own car..." that pissed me off so I went off...... So, they gave me the car for half off.

I was tired and ready to go home so I didn't extend my rental and stay the rest of the day until my flight home at 8pm so I went to the airport and had Southwest change my flight to 10am.
I got back here in the Southland at 11am


There is still the issue VH1’s behavior…. Which I know y’all told me to stop tripping on…

Well Sunday night he came over …after my nap and we spent all day Monday together.
There was some issues going on with him… See, I know my man BLOG FAMILY!!
He confessed said issues…. No cheating…it was some legal stuff that I knew about…but didn’t really know about.

We’re back in the gang now…. All happy and fuzzy and in love.


My friend’s little sister is turning 24…. Gees, I’m old. And Vh1 and I are going to her birthday. I need help building an outfit… Any suggestions? At 27 I feel uber old. I want to be HOT but not old lady Hot…. New hip hottie Hot…. You know?
I love these black shinny leggings that are the rave now…. And I like mini dresses…so I’m thinking of going in either of those two directions…. But I got fat knees lol and a big butt and a chunky middle LOL!!!!!! So I don’t know if my body wants to go in either of those directions…

For the random of the moment here’s a picture of my niece.


Young woman on a journey said...

either of those looks would be hot. and 27 is not old! (squirms with discomfort cause she's the same age). anyway, glad you and vh1 worked it out. Go for the mini dress! a classy one!

Nina said...


You can wear the shiny leggings with a flowy top and a wide belt..the belt gives your body a shape while hiding the belly and chunky booty and of course HEELS! lol

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

she is a cutie

but first twitter and now face book lol

Monie said...

She is soooooooo cute! I'm over the leggings but I like the idea of a mini dress...wear what makes you feel good!
Glad you and VH1 are back in business.

Add me on Facebook!

Lil Honey B said...

The wedding sounded beautiful, your neice is gorgeous! That sucked about the rental car, they should have handled it way better. Glad that you are your boo are doing well. : )