Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Can I block certain people from commenting?

Yeah, I know the answer to my question a matter of fact this whole post will be a post of questions.

* how can someone one mess up: rinse pot, fill pot with 8 cups of water, change filter, pour in coffee?

* when will they make a car that drives itself so that i can perfect my eye make up?

* why is g's to gents my new guilty pleasure? (oh I have many other guilty pleasures this is just my newest one) why do i love fahim from the reality show g's to gents? he's such an ass and yet i love him! why did he tell that girl last night that she smelled like fish? oh! the comedy.

* why are hater's everywhere?

* why is my outfit so cute today? (purple, grey, brown paisly skirt, grey shirt brown cordaroy jacket and brown loafers....)

* why am i addicted to mini steak tacos?

*why do i begin to hate my nail polish after a week?

* why did we have a receptionist anyway?

* Why would this boy not admit that he's gay when i can see it in his walk?

*How come the homeless people in my neighborhood congregate in the alley next to my house having festivals at 5 in the morning?

*why do i feel like vh1 and i will be one of those couples that are togehter for 50 years before they get married...even though vh1 is ALLLLLLL about being married?

* will i ever have another baby?

* Why is my daughter so emotional? never mind i know the answer to that.

*what is the point of having a brand new car and living check to check?

*when is friday going to get here?

*Who wants to go out to dinner when I get this bonus check for the promotion for the month of march?

*why do i know my boss is going to give me a hard time on my review next week?

*Why are these customers that i have so dumb and in charge of your medications at the same time?

* why do i have a sick crush on nick of the jonas brothers?

*why are all my questions "why" questions?

* why is my daughter having a field trip to the dentist? that does not sound fun at all!

* why did i just buy a gucci luggage bag for my trip to San Ramon?

ok....i'm done with this.... hope you have a gorgeous day!!!!


Young woman on a journey said...

hey luv!

love the questions. made me want mini steak tacos. mmmmm.

lol. anyway, here is my new page: i noticed the old one on your blog list!

Sha Boogie said... tacos. dentist field trip? I understand cutting corners, but d@mn! lol

Nina said...

Nina said...

i wish i could block people from commenting....btw

Such Is Life said...

mmmm tacos and to answer your question on haterators simple my luv haters make the world go round and round and round LOL

Kenya Says said...

*Who wants to go out to dinner when I get this bonus check for the promotion for the month of march?....heeey I got a bonus this past was decent- certainly better than nothing-I did some shopping yesterday! yay!