Friday, February 13, 2009

Super Fine, Valentine

I feel much better today.
I got home and blew chunks a few times and suddenly I was well.

As for you pregnancy-sayers.... wouldn't it be something if vh1 and I had a baby? LOL he has a big ole head so I wouldn't be able to walk...ever again! lol...Naw we'd like to be married before a pregnancy. and we ain't getting married prolly for another 105 years...and I ain't have no kids after 30. I'm 27 so....mostly likely My will be our only child. LOL! Unless something in the same catagory of unicorns and fairies Watch me have to eat these words in a year!

SO tomorrow is Valentines day. The theme of our Valentines Day is "a night out at home". I didn't really buy Vh1 anything. I did however...shave a "TS" into my hubic pairs, lol (I brought these "stencil" like things from the naughty store on the corner... they were like $2. It took a LOT of time but it came out cute) and I brought this black see through one piece mini dress and undies to match, some black strappy shoes and got a french tip on my toes. He's supposed to cook me some magically delicious dinner... and I'm making some delightful cocktails with pomagrante schnapps, vodka and ginger ale.

I been going through alot of ish lately. Mostly with $. I got $ but I also got bills...the two do not work well with each other.

Can somebody please suggest a good book? I have read two books this month so far but were just ehhh. I want something that excites me... a real page turner. I'm reading this Ok book right now. It's not my ususal ghetto fabulos book. It's called "The Pilot's Wife" by Anita Shreve. It's just not an Ethinc book lol like the one I read last month, "Shameless Hoodwives" by Meesha Mink and De'nesha Diamond...It was a hot mess of fun. Took me two or three days to read it....good book. OHHHH and I read "House of Sand and Fog" GREAT BOOK !!! Not a ghetto book at all but an excellent read.

Oh yeah I wrote a short story the other day....I might post it for yous guys....

What the fuzzballs is going on with Chris Brown? But what's really sad....I hate to even say this being that I've gotten into physical altercations with my daughters father....I don't feel sorry for her. I mean I hate spousal abuse. I think it's ugly and contagious. But for some reason (could be cause I don't like Rihanah anyway...) I feel like she's prolly one of those "Never-shut-up Girls...." and she prolly was working his nerves....not that she deserved to ever be hit... but.... I'm just saying...

WHy does MTV still call it self MTV? it's ridiculous. They don't show any damn Videos.


Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

good for u, i wish folks knew as much about obama's spending bill as they did or care about chris brown and lil moma - dang we some backwards folks

Sha Boogie said...

you go ahead with your bad self!! I'm about to head out to the store and find me some

I read this dope memoir by this lady named cupcake brown ::shrugs:: it read so good I thought it was fiction!