Thursday, February 12, 2009

I don’t know what’s going on with me today. I feel like I’m in a daze. I’ve been having trouble concentrating fully, which is affecting me here at work. I have that feeling where you move your eyeballs quickly to an object but then it takes your brain a few seconds to actually realize your eyes have moved. Vertigo. See that’s what I mean. I have dysnomia (difficulty or inability to retrieve the correct word from memory when it is needed). I feel extremely nauseous. I feel bloated but it’s not even close to that time of the month when I should normally feel bloated. I have a tickling cough. That keeps me awake all night. My chest hurts from coughing. I feel achy. I have to pee every ten minutes (then again I have been drinking tea and water like a fish). I have chills. My eyes hurt deep behind the eyeballs. I feel like at any moment I could heave up my lunch dinner and whatever else is left. My head hurts, like my scull got shrunk in hot water. Miscellaneous joints are swollen my third knuckle on my left hand, my right ankle. It feels like there’s a pulled muscle in my lower right back and I’m having a muscle spasm in my right hand from the tip of my pinky finger to my wrist.

I want to be at home, with my jammies on, wrapped in a heating pad, with my Gain smelling blanket on top continuing my diet of tea and water watching Forensic files or Snapped or the world’s tallest woman or something on HGTV.

I do not want to be here. Sitting in my cubicle. Looking at my flat screen hustling drugs to pharmacist who are barely capable of there degrees (that was mean…but that’s how I feel right now…mean…cranky…irritable.)

Thanks for listening. I have to go pee…again….for the 55555th time today.


Anonymous said...

pregnant?? :D

Sha Boogie said... sound like me and I'm PREGNANT!!


Monie said...

Mmmmmmmmmmm...the two ladies up above are thinking exactly what I'm thinking...

Anonymous said...

Forensic Files is one of the best shows on TV... but you have to keep the lights on even if it is time to get in your jammies.

Liz said...

so i am late with this comment... as usual... but are you late with your period? cuzzzzzz these symptoms are highly suspicious! LOL!
happy belated V-Day