Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Haven't done this in a while...

I went to the Bridge to see "Hotel for dogs" with my daughter. It was a very cute movie. My favorite part: when the black people agree to adopt the white kids.

Took my daughter to her dads. Then I went to my friends Bridal Shower. Her colors are orange and brown. So she had on a brown shirt that said "The Joneses Est. 03.14.09" it was super cute. We played games, ate chicken and had lemonade punch. She opened the gifts and almost fell on the ground laughing and crying at the picture I put in her card of her getting her freak on at a party. And the gift it self was a big hit….of course.

Saturday night:
I went with Stace (yea, I know I’m not supposed to stop being friends with her…but it’s hard to end friendships) and I went to Gabbah this reggae club for her sisters birthday. It was tooo fun… I had a French Connection and the owner gave me two coolers and I was on cloud 9….

Late Late Late Saturday night:
Afterwards, I got dropped off at home and Vh1 got dropped off at my house by his friend. So just imagine the two of us drunk as skunks!!! He’s yelling at me saying "You know I’m going to wash your dishes tomorrow right?! You know I’m going to wash them!" And me all super drunk… saying "that’s cause you the best baby!" We looked and sounded like Whitney and Bobby so sad.

We woke up hung over. My’s dad brought her home and the three of us went to a super bowl party at one of Vh1’s friends…a girl….she’s gay but she’s still a chic….she’s a stud but I’m always suspicious…they spend a lot of time together. I feel like it’s so easy for a gay girl to decide she wants to be straight again…. You know?

I stayed home from work.
I had to go to court on the charge that I was driving on a suspended license (which is a misdemeanor punishable with 6 months jail time and up to $30000 fine), did not have proof of insurance and had a necklace hanging from the rearview mirror. Since I had my license the Public defender made a deal with the DA. They reduced my charges to driving without proof of a license (an infraction…) and they dismissed all other charges. SO my plea agreement is that I pay a $150 fine and I have 6 months probation (not real probation like with a probation officer….but I can’t get any tickets and I must have proof of my license and car insurance at all times not doing so results in a fine and a 30 day suspension)

I stayed home at home again because MY wasn’t feeling well. I figured since I was out I’d get my car smogged and go to the DMV for my tags. But the car didn’t pass the smog. The smog guy says that it was the CO2 sensor. But the CO2 sensor guy said he thought it was the exhaust manifold. But when my mechanic checked it, it really was the pipe that goes to the exhaust manifold it’s broken… but it’s because the engine mounts were broken. So I have to pay really close to $600 to have the whole shebang fixed….

Can you say broke? Oh well Can’t cry about it now…. the Lord will make away for my daughter and I….I think I’m going to have a garage sale….so we can at least have some food.


JaeSpenc said...

--Glad to see a positive review of Hotel for Dogs... lol

-- HILARIOUS@ your late late saturday... I'mma wash your dishes tomorrow... that's pretty funny.

-- and umm you can't have necklaces on your rearview? Didn't know that... Glad you got it reduced...


Trish said...

Sounds like a nice weekend. I knew that your gift idea would go over well. I'm going to take my little cousin to see the dog movie this weekend. Funny about you and VH1 too, usually when I'm that messed up, I don't really remember conversations.

Sha Boogie said...

I don't blame you for being leery of the 'gay' chic-- I always have fits of giggles to myself when I meet a 'lesbian' that has a baby daddy, lol.

And yes!! where have you been??? tickle monster- ha! how about make me wanna throw up all the time, monster!!

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

may take my lil girl to see it now