Friday, February 27, 2009

Black Tax

I work in an environment where I am the only Black in my department. I am the only Black on my floor. I am one of four Blacks that work in the office building. I am one of only 15 Blacks that work in our division of 150 employees.

I have to work triple time to prove my worth. I have to go over and above to prove that I deserve to be here.

I come in on time everyday ready to work. I take my lunch and breaks at the exact appropriate times. I don’t gossip. I don’t involve myself in the frivolous conversations going on around me. I answer more incoming calls then all my co-workers combined. I do my work. I turn my work in. I go home.

I wear the appropriate attire, no jeans Monday through Thursday. I’m neat. I’m conservative. I’m polite.

I follow the rules meticulously because I know…I know that my boss has issues with Black people.

I’ve been managed by white people before; however, the majority of them have been west coast folks that grew up with Blacks. That are "assimilated" to Blacks being equals. White people that are aware that Blacks aren’t all loud mouthed, attitudinal, aggressive, snappy, late, lazy, toothless, barefoot manual laborers….

My supervisor is not from the west. She was raised in a farming town. An area of the country that currently is racially charged. A place that she values and cherishes. A place were box blondes still wear their holiday sweaters and white Ked’s tennis shoes and drive mini vans full of obnoxious teenagers to hockey games and bake cookies and cakes in the middle of the night because they want others to like them.

This week we were asked to pre-book our customers for flu vaccines for the upcoming flu season in September 2009. I sold 11 stores a total of 50 units …in one day. A total of $5000. More than all my co-workers. I also sold $4500….in one day of prescription vials. More than all my co-workers.

I increased my sales from January to February by $60,000…

And do you know yesterday when two of my co-workers (not in my department) were laid-off guess who’s name was been whispered about as being "next"?

I still have my far... today.Today is the last of "Cuts" ...So if I make it through today...I won't have to take that job as a Medical Receptionist that I've been keeping at bay in case they get rid of me.

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Nina said...

maybe it's because they dont know what you do and they just figure the black girl would be next...???