Wednesday, December 17, 2008

little black ninja continued...

#1. my aunt is suposed to watch my daughter for me while she's on winter break. so she calls me yesterday to tell me that she's going to come to my house from the desert on Thursday (like 1.5hours away) to pick up MY. (which is completely aunt would do that for me...)but it's snowing in the desert and raining down here in LA aunt has MS and has issues with one of her eyeballs which usually she avoids driving for no reason especially in bad weather.

#2. my aunt then askes me if I have a spare key...why? i don't know.

#3. my aunt just calls me a minute ago and says "What's your work address?" I say "why?" she says "Because I'm going to come to your work and get your keys and spend the night tonight." I say "Ok, Thank you for asking." She says "Ok well I'll be there in like two and a half hours...I say ok."

#4 my mom calls me while I'm on the phone with my aunt. I don't answer.

#5 when i call my mom back she tells me that she she was actually trying to call my aunt. she'd dialed me by accident. i tell her that i was just on the phone with my aunt. she then says...oh, ok where is she...I say she was at home. my mom cops an attitude and says "WHAT? Let me call her!" then hangs up.


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