Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Ryan's Roses.

I dont' know it there's a Ryan Seacrest Radio Morning show any where other than Cali...but I dabble in listening to it every now and then.... Yes...Ryan Seacrest from American Idol...I know he's a cornball but on the radio he is funny...sometimes... I flucuate between him and four other shows in the morning depending on how I 'm feeling.

Well he has this segment, he calls "Ryan's Roses". Where if you think your boyfriend is cheating on you, he will the boyfriend or husband or girlfriend or significant other and pretend to be a new flower company in the area and then offers him a free dozen roses, no strings attached. Then he waits to see who he send it to and what the boyfriend puts on the note.

This morning a girl called in. She said she was 5 months pregnant, been with the guy a year and every since she got pregnant, he's been working late, not wanting to touch her, and treating her like she was the hunchback of Notre Dame.

So Ryan had the chic that does the segment call the guy. Of Course, the man sent roses to another woman and wrote on the card "I've never been happier with you than anyone in my life"

Usually, the calls are pretty predictable...I mean women, we know when somethings just not right.

But this morning I felt so sad for the girl.

After the call they let the two people talk it out over the air...But the guy would face up to it...he tried to say the chic was his "friend". The girl started yelling and telling all her business on the radio "I pay your bills, take care of your other kids, I do everything for you!"
She cried so openly and pasionately for this man. It really hurt my heart. She was in pieces.
It was so heartbreaking. So many people called in expressing thier concern....

The guy just keep denying it. Finally Ryan Seacrest went OFF... It was so funny...because you just don't imagine Ryan as Manly....but he gave this dude a really smack down....

Vh1 and were in the car in a trance. We couldn't stop talking about it...

I rather a man just say "Bitch I don't want you no more...Dueces!" than to cheat on me.

Is it because he wants his cake and eat it too or is it because he just doesn't think "she" can handle it? Both options, seem extremely arrogant when you really think about it.

He either wants all the cooch he wants with no strings but feels that he needs to coax a woman into being with him by telling her the "happily ever after fairy tale".
Or he thinks that she is so weak that she couldn't survive knowing that he doesn't want to be with her anymore.

It's not just men that cheat don't get me wrong. I'm just using this as an example.

just my thoughts.


Young woman on a journey said...

Man, that was f-ed up. people can be so foul. not just men, but people who are cheating. Cause they just don't even imagine what its like for the other person.

They have something similar on the Cain show over here. its called War of the Roses. The worst one was this dude who sent the flowers to the lady's daughter. he'd been banging her 18 year old daughter! imagine. in her house! ugh. but the ones where the guys try to catch the girls is never as good. usually the guy is all confused. Like last week when they girl was like "um...that dude is gay, that's why we discuss the poetry class so much." lol.

ps:sorry for the mini post

kelielise said...

My heart is hurting for the girl just reading it.. I'm a crybaby so I can't imagine how bad I'd feel if I heard it first hand. I've been through something similar so I can truly sympathize with her.

Liz said...

yeah that is wack... they had something similar out here. this is messed up but i always wondered why the dudes didn't realize what was going on... like none of them listened to the radio or something? but that is messed up. i hope the girl kicks him to the curb

Monie said...

Wow...that really sucks. 5 months pregnant, having his big head baby and he's fucking around on her... *smh*

Undeniably...Deep aka Tina-B said...

I'm with you Jane. Tell me that you dont want to be here, throw me the dueces, and hall MF ass!!!

Cuz we both gonn abe hurtn if I find out that you creepn!! You physically, me emotionally.

And men dont understand thats why sooo many women are bitter bitches now! Cuz some random John done came and messed them up.