Monday, October 20, 2008

my weekend in review.

friday- my daughter and i had a date. we ordered pizza and watched Mrs. Doubtfire. We had a good time.

Saturday- i took My to get her halloween costume...she's going to be a fairy princess. and i got mine...i was going to be diana ross....then I changed to a ballerina I am going to be a prom queen....trying to decide if I want to be a dead prom queen or not...hummm.

Saturday night- BigSis, her kids (all four hundred of them now! lol she has 2 boys on her own, her fiance has a daughter now they have another daughter together) and her fiance and my make-shift family: vh1, MY and I all went to eat at this all you can eat chinese food resturant.

Sunday- I waited until 4 pm to decide to go to the laundry. when i pulled the car out the garage i had a flat tire. I went and put air, but by the time I got out of washing the tire was low again. so we ordered pizza and called it a night.

This morning they repaired my tire...

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