Tuesday, October 14, 2008

I need some IDEAS!

I am throwing my very first Halloween Party.

*I'm dressing up as Diana Ross....because I'm fabulous.

* It is costume optional; However I will provide spare masks for guests that feel left out.

*I have brought colored lights and black lights.

*I brought a few tea candles (to be placed out of harms way).

*I brought some spider web.

*I'm going to get some various size pumpkins.

*I'm going to cover my living room furniture with white sheets, for that abandoned feeling...

*I want to order this cake at this awesome bakery by me that does the weirdest things with cakes, It looks like a head....we'll see...it might end up just being cupcakes.

*I'm making black berry jello shots.

*The punch will have tonic water so that the black light makes it glow.

*Vh1 is making rice beans and chicken, a fruit salad and a regular salad.I'm doing the regular finger snacks... cocktail weiners, chips dip, crackers cheese, popcorn, pretzels, veggies..

Any other IDEAS?!?!?!


Liz said...

1- you should def do the meal plan with me

2- it sounds like it will be a good time... i don't really have any suggestions other than don't wear yourself out and make sure you get things done early enough so you are rested for the party... that way you can really enjoy yourself instead of being tired waiting for everyone to leave! LOL! i've thrown many a party and that is the best suggestion i can tell you

Nina said...

it will be fun just like that and i think that if you have some jams...all will fall into place.

poison.ivy said...

sounds like fun!!!

Sabrina said...

Add some "halloween" music along with your playlist.

Jane said...

Liz: 1. I'll try to eat right...I don't have faith that I'll stick to the plan though...I'm so wishy washy. 2. I've had SEVERAL parties before...this is just my first Halloween party...I have to work the 31st too! CRAZINESS! I am going to plan wellll ahead of a time.

Nina: thanks! I sure hope so.

Poison Ivy: Yeah its thrown together at the last momment.

Sabrina: Yeah... I'm going to down load some scarey tunes.

Undeniably...Deep aka Tina-B said...

Can I come?