Monday, October 20, 2008

grumble grumble

Friday morning my boss cussed me out, literally. I was in tears.

#1 She said that I hadn't sold any of this new generic drug called Galantamine HBr ER . It's for Alzhiemers.

#2 She bitched that I was on the internet when she walked by a couple of times.

#3 She bitched that my sales were low.

#4 She complained that I speak too loud.

#5 She said she was pissed that I only made 100 calls and answered 80.

******My Rebuttal******

#1a. No one uses brand name Razadyme why are the going to buy the generic?
Out of 8 people one rep sold 2 bottles!!!!

#2b. I was on the bad...matter of fact, I'm on the internet now. The thing is I can mulitask like nobodies business.... sorry to say it but I'm bored!!!
Pharmacies aren't spending $ right now. They are afraid to buy surplus in the economy that we are in. I will try to work on my internet use here at work or at least wait until she goes home at 4pm.

#3c. EVERYONES sales are low. duh! have you watched the news?! And the cold and flu season is starting uber late this year! should've started in September and yet we haven't had any major outbreaks of flu or cold!!! But she doesn't care... she prolly won't even mention that I'm at 73% of my average monthly total (with two weeks remaining in the month) which is 29thousand dollars more than my sales last month at this time and higher than any other rep!
I'm the black girl so that means I gets yelled at!

#4d. Yep. I speak too loud. Mind you, I am not friends with any of my co-workers. I barely like anytime she hears me speaking it's to a customer....yet she tells me that she never hears me promoting sales... What!!! Sales are a $1 to $5 comission on each product! Of course I tell everyone EVEN the ones that are not my customers!!! WE need that extra $ in our pockets these days! How she think I earned that $1000 commission on one product? any hoo... I laughed at a customer and she says "Jane. you're too loud." I gave her KMA face and kept it pushing! I'm learning to hate her.

#5e. I only made 100 calls because I only have 80 accounts!!! what the hell!!! I answer 80 calls which is three times as much as anyone else here EVER answers ...on ANY given day! She doesnt' say a thing to homeboy who is blatantly working on his resume and talking to his wife. She doesn't say a peep to the other guy who is slanging any and everything over the phone to whoever he can (not work related)! gesssshhhh

Pray for me yall....Friday I had to plead with myself not to bitch slap her....
SIGH.... (yeah I talked to HR for the inappropriate language)


Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

dang woman
just ask yourself
if it was your biz
and u caught someone doing the say what would u do

Jane said...

Torrance....I'll give you the beneifit of the doubt...maybe you didn't read the whole post...

Nina said...

sometimes, you just gotta woosah and be like the dude and his resume

Khoney330 said...

You definitley should have reported your boss to HR. You don't have to take that. And keep your resume dusted. make sure it's up to date, in case something comes up.