Monday, October 13, 2008


situation #1
around wednesday my friend Stace called me and asked me to go with her to a 70's party for her sister on saturday night. i was on the fence about it since i'm supposed to be ending my toxic friendship with her. I had given her a tenative yes.

vh1 invited me to go with him to a party that his friend was having on saturday night. i agreed to go. i called stace and told her i couldn't go, she said 'cool let her know if i change my mind.'

after my friends babyshower on saturday, vh1 and i were to meet up and go to the party. when i get to his house he says to me "so what you want to do?" I say "what do you mean?" he says "let's go to the movies."

I was soooo irritated. How you gone change the plans and not even let me know?!
He on the other hand couldn't figure out why I was so mad.
He says 'I thought it was about spending time with you not going to the party.'

What yall think?

I was over studios house on sunday, sitting on the couch with vh1. Martinez (my sumadatime friend) came in. she sees me on the couch. I get up to hug her and she whispers in my ear "Are you pregnant?" I look at her like WTF! I look down at myself...looking very cute. No belly sticking out, no fat fat girl on Sunday. she says "I just htought you were."

Now was it wrong of me to cuss her out?


Don said...

Yep, it probably was wrong for you to curse her out. And I don't see anything wrong with what your guy did. We change our minds alot, like that. LOL.

Jaded said...

*first time*
I don't think it was wrong of you to curse her out...but maybe you could have said "GIRL! I was 'bout to as you the same thang!!!
That woulda shut her ass down.

As for the change of plans...I mean did you want to spend one on one time with him? Nevermind. I'd be annoyed regardless. lol.

Undeniably...Deep aka Tina-B said...

Change of plans...frustrating...hell yeah! Men dont ever see things from our POV.

Cursing out sumadatime friend for blatantly tryn you...frustrating...nope! Cuz I would have done the same thing. What was she insinuating?

Nina said...

i would cuss her too...

Jane said...

Don: umm....thanks for the male perspective... I guess. lol.

Jaded: She and I have a love hate relationship in general...I'm cutting her ass off now though. She always seems to to bring a bag of hate when I have a date with me.
And yes I love spending time with him he's my sweetie...I just hate when folks flip the script and don't tell me.

Trina: Yeah and you'd think he'd know how OCD I am by now. Yeah she's a fucking hater. I've decided to boot her out my life..

Nina: Yeah this is our second engagement where I had to pitch a bitch with her.