Monday, September 15, 2008

randomly random.

+friday i didn't do a damn thing. i came home did my mommy stuff. got some mudslide and added a little extra rum to it.... i wanted to watch Love Jones but when i went to get it i realized that my dear vh1 had borrowed it. i was angry. so i decided not to watch anything. instead i watched regular tv. crazy c called me about 11 and we talked for a bit.

+Saturday, i stayed in the bed ALL day! around 3p I woke up and got dressed. MY was already dressed. so we went to get our toes done. After wards we went to the beach to see the movie Enchanted played on a big screen at the beach. It was nice.

+Afterwards Vh1 came by. Yall know I'm crazy right? so when I saw him I had to ask "What hoe you watch my Love Jones with?" He started cracking up laughing like I was the crazy was truely funny!

+Sunday, we stayed in bed until 2. Finally we got up and went to the grocery store and I made tacos while Vh1 and MY played. It was relaxing.


My friend's twin's.... aren't they adorable? I want to bite thier cheeks.....


Young woman on a journey said...

they are soooooo adorable!

Moody Gemini said...

You know I live through your life right? LOL You and your family (Yes I am including VH1) are so cute!

And those babies...I can hear my uterus talking to me!

Undeniably...Deep aka Tina-B said...

Cutie pies!

Sorry that you couldnt watch Love Jones. I was hoping that we...I mean you could. Damn you got it good.

Oh, and you got a blgo waward from me to you. Go check my page.

Jane said...

YWOJ-Aren't they the cutest...I just wanna eat them..

Gemini-Glad that I can be a vessel through which your life can be my life is a barrel of don't wanna live it! lol... thanks for calling us a "family" Pray that I can hold it all know me...

Trina- Thanks so much for the AWARD!!! I love it! I gotta get you something...I've been working on a post dedicated to my blog friends....yall know I'm a procrastinator so don't hold your's coming though.