Thursday, September 11, 2008

A Miracle on Cedar Street!!!!

I found my $550!!!!!

I got home last night.

I talked to my landlord about loosing half of my rent $. He was really sympathetic .

He was like ok....lets work out something so that this doesn't happen again. He was really like stressed out about it.

Then I went up stairs.

I had washed on Sunday, but I hadn't put away the laundry.

I'm one of those lazy people that just throw the clothes in the drawer...don't fold them don't do nothing!

But last night I had STRONG urgeto fold my clothes....and the clothes already in the drawers...

It was like bugging me...tugging at me to do it. Annoying me....irritating me.... driving me crazy!

So around 10pm, I started pulling each drawer out one by one and folding the clothes.

After I pulled the second drawer from the bottom out I saw a piece of paper hanging out from the next drawer.

It was my money order in an envelope.... I started crying and praising God !!!

God is good.


Chris said...

That is incredible; I am very VERY happy for you. Congrats.

Monie said...

Wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww, that's awesome!

Nina said...


belle said...

wow...great news.

just read through your whole blog. and i mean starting in 2004!
fantastic read... and i could identify, esp with you finding a fantastic man in the end.
you definitely have to write a book!

Khoney330 said...

Yes he is!!! When you started this post I was thinking God telling her to go look. I'm so glad you found your money.

Jane said...

Chris...thanks my friend!

Monie.. it really is awesome, I was deppressed.

Nina...that's what I said!

Belle..thank you for the LOVE! I hope this really is my happy ending...we'll see.. I feel like it is...I hope that it is...let's pray that it is... he really is dreamy!!

Khoney...GOD is good isn't he?