Tuesday, September 02, 2008

"Come and knock on Our Door..."

i'm feeling real fresh prince of bel air today? why I don't know. I have the theme song on repeat in my head! that and the three's company... weird huh?

as always! my weekend:

-friday, i cleaned my house. that took all night!

-saturday, i got my oil changed, brought two tires for the front, brought MY some more uniforms, brought snacks from BigLots, and made jumbalya for dinner.

-sunday, i went to church. the lesson was "Be Disciplined in Your Disillusion" which for me was, exactly what I needed. He spoke about how everyone has an image of how they feel certain things should go and often times when that exact image isn't what we get; we immediately want to end it and move on to find that next perfect image. He talked about how newly weds have an image of what the feel marriage is, and when it is not that perfect cookie cutter image most couples give up...he talked about being disciplined when your illusion is DISSED. it was what i needed to hear.

- sunday night i had girls night at my house. it was so much fun! bigsis, kinkos, sonystudios, NDN, and Stace all came. We watched my studio copy of Sex and City the movie (I have a friend who's a member of The Academy...yeah I know, he's not supposed to lend them out to folks...oh well) I brought pizza hut pastas...YUMMY! and cut up some fruit and we drank wine all the night long!

-monday, MY, Vh1 and I hung out doing NUTHIN all day. we didn't even get dressed. we didn't even cook. we just laid around haphazardly....lovely!

-Today was my daughter's first day of first grade. Her teacher is very cute. She looks like the kind of black girl that I would be friends with. like someone i would have had over my house sunday night for girls night. she was very polite. she seemed organized and like she knew what she was doing.... that was just what she looked like....so we'll see.


Eb the Celeb said...

ugh... summer in ny is over and I have not been to the beach once!

Liz said...

i LOVE lazy days!! mmm mmmm!! and the pizza hut pasta is surprisingly delicious.... i must agree! good luck with the new teacher... looks can be deceiving! LOL!

Jane said...

yeah you're right Liz looks can be deceiving I have been keeping an eye on her.