Wednesday, September 10, 2008

I weigh 152 pounds.

Time for my Wednesday weight update! lol

+ My waist is 35 inches.

+I noticed some definition forming in my abs...vh1 noticed it too...kinda sexy.

+ I'd estimate 40% less cellulite in my thighs.

+My breast don't touch my belly anymore.

+There is a definite reduction in my back fat.

+My skin is evening out nicely.

Changes in my workout:
+Still ain't walked MY to school

+Daily workout rotation: Ballet warmup(5-7 minutes), low impact aerobics (10 minutes), Hip Hop Yoga workout (10 minutes), 8 minute abs.

+I have reduced down to one cup of Java per day. one can of soda every two to three days. And at least one bottle of water a day (even though I HATE it)

Kinks I'm working out:
+I can't seem to get enough sleep. Doesn't matter when I go to sleep or what time.I wake up sleep starved. I think I may not be eating the appropriate amount of calories per day.

+I started taking my daily vitamin at lunch, since when I take it in the morning it makes me burpy all day.

+My hair gets nappy round the edges sometimes after the workout even with my perm....I'd hate to have to straighten it everyday... Any suggestions?


Monie said...

Shit...still waiting on suggestions about the hair thing...

Undeniably...Deep aka Tina-B said...

Wear a sweatband...ya know like from the 80's. Its the sweat thats fuckin wit ya edges. But please dont straighten it everyday cuz then you wont have any edges to worry about. Once you get into you workout REAL good, you'll sweat less and then have nothin to worry bout. Change is a its good that you've sticked to it.

Congrats on the wieght loss.

Jane said...

a try the I'm head band... I;m too vain to have let my edges get bald..!