Friday, September 12, 2008

How is 12 white jurors a jury of OJ's peers?

+Oj's suspicious ass walk does make me wonder a bit as to wether he did chop up Nicole and Ron...I even drove over to the apartment and took a look at the actual spot where the murder supsedly took place and tried to imagine if such a thing could've taken place (it is a teeny tiny little walkway) but nevertheless....he was found innocent. Now they really tryna hem him up on these charges....

+I am so sleepy. I had sushi for lunch and I feel uber stuft. Its all gloomy today and susposed to be the same this weekend I'm going to put on my jamas cuddle up on the couch with my Hello Kitty blanket drink some brown liquor and watch Love Jones tonight....what fun can't wait! Wanna join me?

+My's teacher pulled me aside this week and told me that my daughter has "An awesome personality!" She said "I know that little girl is going to go far." I walked to my car with my chest puffed out....gees I love being a mom.

+I just saw Vh1 on Tuesday and I can't wait to see him 2moro!

+Hace mucho frio en me trabajo hoy. Nesceitams turn the air conditioner off.!


The Love Collective said...

Love your blog. Am adding it to my bloglist, if you don't mind.
Check us out sometime.

Undeniably...Deep aka Tina-B said...

Ok, OJ is a white guy! He dont like black it would only be right for the people he so ignorantly enjoys to fuck him up royally!

Hope he learns that white girls bring nothin but trouble...

Hope you enjoy your movie. One of my favs!!!