Thursday, August 07, 2008

A symphony of clean...

i didn't sleep much sunday night from being out partying with kinkos; and staying up late with vh1. but monday i was in a fantastic mood....i knew that i'd taken tuesday and wednesday off.

tuesday i woke up super early, and as vh1 would say, felt extremely "domestic".

I went into the kitchen, washed disshes, I scrubed the microwave, the toaster oven, the counter tops, the cabinet doors, the floor, the pantry, the refrigerator-inside and out, the stove, took out the trash, cleaned out the trash can, sprayed the trash can with lysol and put baking soda in the bottom, I swept the kitchen floor and the back porch, then I mopped twice.

i dusted the livingroom, cleaned the mirrors, polished the tables, vaccummed the sofas, cleaned the pictures and frames, vaccumed the livingroom and spot cleaned the carpet.

Dinning room: cleaned the dinning room table, cleaned the bar, dusted the shelves, cleaned the mirror, vaccumed the dinning room and spot cleaned the carpet.

Bathroom: cleaned the sink, organized the cabinets, cleaned the mirors, threw out the partially emptied bottles, checked for expired medication, cleaned the tub, scrubbed the shower curtain, cleaned the shower walls, washed the walls, scrubbed the toliet, scrubbed the floor, polished the faucet, dusted the knickknacks, swept and mopped the floor.

My's room: then i cut boards to my's bed with a saw (all by myself!!) put her bed togehter (all by myself!!), sprayed her new matress with lysol, put on a vinyl bed cover, new sheets, new comforter, cleaned her mirror, dusted the book shelf, scrubbed the toys she plays with out side and at the beach, scrubbed the toy bins, and put toys in the new toy bins, folded her clothes and put fabric softeners in her drawers, vaccumed and spot cleaned the carpet.

Pulled the dirty towels and sheets out of the hall closet, sprayed the hall closet with lysol, cleaned the mirrors vaccumed the hallway.

My room: I hung up my canopy....that some how was torn down in a heated sheet wrestling session vh1 and I had lol... then removed all the sheets, sprayed the mattress with lysol, put my brand new eggcrate mattress topper on the bed that I brought from work, pulled all the dirty clothes out the hamper and seperated them, pulled all the clothes out the drawers folded them, put fabric softeners in the drawers...

vh1 woke up while i was wildly cleaning my room, he gave me the craziest look and says..."what the hell is wrong with you?" I say, "I felt like cleaning today.." he says "you're a mad woman" I say "this house was filthy." he laughs at me...He gets out the bed and takes the vaccum from me and finishes it up for me.

I take the pieces for my's old bed and put them in the garage...then I ended up organizing the garage and sweeping it out... lol....

then I had vh1 take the clothes to the car, then he and i washed the clothes. i folded the clothes at the laundry then brought them home and put them away. then I put the fresh sheets and comforters on my bed.



Sha Boogie said...

Daggone, gurl!

Are you for hire?

LOL! I swear, I will pay you with hugs and smiles...

Jane said...

Girl....I prolly won't clean like this in a minute...I'm still tired and it's two days later!

She Needs said...

Goodenss, you were a cleaning machien. Sometimes I get into that fit and have to just clean, but it has been a good minute.

Moody Gemini said... were doing it! Want to take a flight to the East Coast?