Thursday, August 07, 2008

My baby is back....she's finally home!

She's black as all get out, you could definitely tell that she has been to the bahamas.
She has her hair in cornrolls and with beads (looking like the little girl in that movie crooklyn)....she had on her skinny-legged capri jeans and a shirt that said "I'm awesome get used to it" and said "Rockstar" on the back and some gold flip flops....I didn't know who this kid was!

Her conversation, was so grown up and hilarious.

I got her home and She was soooooo excited about her room! She almost cried.

She saw this picture that vh1 and I took in a photo booth on Tuesday at themall and in one of the pics we're kissing. She studied the photo and then says "you kissed vh1?" I laugh at her and say "no." she says "yes, you did. I see you in the picture" I say "no, i didn't" laughing at her. she says "yes, you love him....hahahah you love vh1!!!" I say" don't pick fun at me! I'm your mom! and I can kiss who I want." she laughs and pust he pic down and says "you love vh1" and walks out the room..... damn kids!!!

Wednesday was mommy and daughter day.
We went to visit sony studios and the new baby (MY thought she'd "missed it" so she was super anxious that she needed to see him). She was toooo excited to see that tiny little person. She wasn't even jealous to see her mommy hold him.

By the way he's sooooo adorable. I love him already. I have to post a pic.

After the visit My and I went to Friday's and had lunch. She made friends with this older woman, and wowed her with her big girl conversation. She's such a little card.

Then we walked over to "Color me Mine"... I painted a coaster set and my did a jewlry box for her room. We pick them up on Sunday....I'll have to post a pic when I get them.

We left painting and went to sign her up at daycare....she shared her lovely pictures from her trip with her friends at daycare.

Afterwards we went grocery shopping (her favorite).....I was soooo exhausted that I couldn't do anything else. I passed out on the couch after watching So, you think you can dance. lol

Back to the mommy in me....


Sha Boogie said...

Awww! So cute. Makes me almost want a mini me.

Wait, no.

That's a lie, LOL!

Still cute! And I'm happy your baby is home :)

Jane said...

Kids are overrated! don't do it! lol just kidding...kinda.