Sunday, August 10, 2008

End of weekend post...

As usual, my monday post is about what i did this

Early morning Friday My daughter's father called me all gangbangerish telling me that it was his weekend to have MY even though she'd only been home since Tuesday. Rather than fight with him and have to deal with him and his grown ass man tantrums, I told him I'd bring her after I got off of work.

So I dropped her off. She's covered in the belief that her father is superman, so she went happily.

My little cousin babycam, had invited me to his birthday party, so I called Kinkos to see if she wanted to roll out, she did...of course. I got dressed....I was killing them softly with my yellow summer dress that ties in the back and this red mary jane stiletos and red

His party was at this spot called Area. Kinkos and I weren't to keen on the spot since it's mainly a white folks hangout, so we decided since babycam had us on the list to get in free it was worth at least an hour of our time.

Once we got inside....the spot was real FRESH. I mean really nice, like a music video fresh. You're inside but not're sorta outside. The music was hip hop a mix of old school and new school.... It was dope. Babycam had two tables with a lil waitress serving drinks and getting us right. Kinkos saw her Jerseyboyfriend's publicist and went to say her hello's to her and we find out that babycam works for the chic....small world.... come to find out even more....babycam and kinko's jerseyboyfriend are real good friends! lol

Well needless to say, we drunk up plently of free Grey much as we could. babycam's brother Don, my other little cousin that I hardly ever see, came by. It was good to see my little cuzos living the life.

I was completely inebriated. I mean I actually threw up at the club.
I called Vh1 and kinkos drove to his spot to pick him up then the three of us went back to my car so that he could drive my car. Vh1 drove me home... I was drunk but let me just say that I am not very confident in his driving abilities. lol..

We got to my house made our way up the steps. Once inside I threw my self onto him kissing him with heated passion. I wrapped my legs around him and he held me up on to him as I pulled his t-shirt off. He carried me into my room, stopping in the hallway for a few minutes to kiss and so that he could untie my dress. Finally we made it to my room where he laid me gently on to the bed and kissed me ever so gently. Next thing, I know it was morning. He said mid-kiss I fell into a drunken sleep that he could not believe. He said he couldn't wake me up for anything. He said he was pretty worried about me so he didn't sleep because he kept getting up to check on me.

Around 10am I woke up and said my hellos to earl, the white porcelin God of reverse liquor drinking. I gargled and crawled right back into bed. Around 12 Vh1 got up and walked to the corner and brought me coffee. I drank it and went back to sleep. Around 3pm!!! I finally got up. Vh1 made me eggs and bacon, which I managed to hold down.

After I showered, we decided to go to the museum to see Body World's. That exhibit is a freaking trip! They are human bodies...that were once living and breathing that died they donated thier bodies to this scientist guy. Who injected them with this plasitc material so that you can see what the insides of human actually look like....It's crazy wild. All the bodies are posed in these awesome positions so that you can really really see what the muscles and bones and tendons and everything look like's amazing.

In one section they had sagital slices of a brain that had a tumor....I held Vh1's hand a little tighter as we looked over that section....He stayed there much longer than the other exhibits. I know he was prolly thinking of his cousin that just passed away from a brain tumor last week. He really focused and concentrated on it. I just wanted to be able to take that sadness from him... MY is really the only other person I have ever really felt that way about. That I'd really ever wanted to experience their pain for them so that they don't have to feel it.

They even have babies that are from 4 weeks to 32 weeks. Babies that died and thier parents donated them to the exihbit. I felt so bad. So hurt. I could barely look at the 32 week old.

The last exhibit is a Giraffe. It is the most beautiful and bizarre thing I have ever since in my life. AMAZING. You can stand under it and look up into its chest cavity and see all of it's organs, muscles, bones, penis, testicles, intestines, stomach..... freaky!

After the museum, I cooked some red beans rice and chicken. And we watched the bootleg of Hancock. Cute little film.... I loved hearing Will Smith say "Cause I was drinking bitch!" LOL

Today, I got up at 7 am and picked MY up from her dumb dumb daddies. He had to be in a hair show today so he had to go get his hair braided early this morning. He needs to get that tooth in the front fixed. It's looking worst and worst....he's really fuckin up my rep! this is the man I had a baby wit and his FRONT tooth is turning brown and turning side ways!! Ol' yuck mouth bastard!

After I got home MY went back to sleep. Vh1 was in my room. He and I tried to make MY believe he got there while she was sleep that morning....I'm not so sure if she believed us. Especially since he was in his jammies.

Well around 12 we all got up and ate breakfast. Then decided to go to the park. On our way we dropped off MY's old mattress to Sonystudios, to use for the babies crib. NDN was there with her son, so I offered to take him with us to the park. I figured it best for MY to have someone else to play with.

We hung around sonystudios house until 4. so that we could pick up our art work from Color ME mine (I'll post pics I promise) and then we went to the park.....

Plenty of funny stories to tell of black folks not watching thier kids....There was a baby around 2 years old. Playing in the kids section for over 30 minutes before the momma even realized the baby was there! A little boy fell down and hit his head on the metal bars of the monkey bars and the daddy told him "don't let them girls see you cry"... Me and Vh1 were basically the only ones watching all 400 million kids that were in the park today.

Made me question if I really want more. I'd love to...but not really at the same time. Vh1 isn't interested in making babies right now (thank God) ! But what if we really end up like to gether to gether and he wants kids?! Am I willing to do all that over again? hmmmm.... My mom says of course I will want to. ... That's just cause she wants more grandkids....My sister did doining it. Having a new baby with this "fianace" of hers even though she'd sworn she didn't want anymore..... I don't know. The Mail lady, Vh1 and I were talking about it last week (don't ask) and she seems to believe that Vh1 and I should have a baby next year. I didn't want to really be having the conversation but Vh1 said to the woman, "yeah prolly in a year or so..." looks like he and I need to have a conversation.... not now, though. Too early for me.

After the park we went back to sonystudios where I became hooked on this game that timmypoo has on X-box. We played and drank and hung out there for a while. Let MY play with the kids (Timmypoos daughter had come home by then) and have a ball in the back room while my friends really got a chance to spend time with Vh1.

Around 8 we left. I dropped Vh1 off at home and here I am back at home....

I just made these burritos from left over meat from Friday's tacos and some chrizo sausage...damn it was jammin! Shit! I am good! LOL....

Well I'm about to go take a shower and hop in the BED! I'm pooped!


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