Tuesday, August 19, 2008

burning bridges.

ok, so yesterday morning I got a text from barbershop. I wasn't going to respond; But I do realize that I did just drop him....I dropped everyone. I didn't even share my last exchange with crazyc... It was truely crazy...that's a post all on it's own!!!! But I have really dissed all my old hoes....lol...naw, my old flings....lol...naw, my old harmen....lol...yall know what I mean.

On my lunch he called me, he wanted to know if we could go out for a drink. I said sure.
After work, he sent me a text message saying he was on his way.
We went to that little bar on the corner from my house...had a drink.
then to this other bar up the street....there was some whack mariache band playing.
then to this other bar on Market.... watched the olympics.
then to this old folks bar around the corner. there was kareokee (sp?!)I wanted to sing Tina Marie "Out on a Limb" my Karokee song....but barbershop didn't believe in my skills. so I decided not to.
then we went to Carl's jr. he told me that's why I'm getting fat....I am. So I couldn't even front on him. then we sat in his car eating carl's jr.

he tried to kiss me. i didn't succum.
I reminded him of our new type of relationship: he told me that he doesn't understand how i could just diss him, I felt like high school... like i was being talked into sex. i didn't succum....wasn't even close.
I told him that he knew what was up before i even said i'd go have a drink with him.
he said he knew but thought mabe he could change my mind....silly rabbit!

i told him...."maybe another lifetime?....another day?".....
he looked at me cold faced. no expression.
i opened the door, smiled.....and said"i don't get anymore days, huh?" .

he didn't say anything.
he drove off before i got up the stairs....


Nina said...

love the background.

good job, jen!!!

Khoney330 said...

Way to stick to your guns! Silly Rabbit, trix is fo' kids!