Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Laughing my ass off.

Yesterday, I got an email from about this comedy show going on around the corner from my house. It was free (well fake free because, there is still a 2 drink minimum). I called all my girls all geeked up, telling them we have to go. None of the chicas were game. VH1 took his mom to the hospital to visit her cousin that has a brain tumor.

I was saddened. didn't really want to go by myself....but I figured what the hell. It's not like a club. It's a show. so guess what I did?

Went alone.

It was crackin! Prolly because it was fake free.... there was at least 200 people there. I got there early since I wanted to try to get a seat but I guess everyone else got thier early too. There were NO seats available. I found a little spot to stand, since there was standing room only. I ended up meeting this lady who was there by herself too. She was drunk and crazy but fun to talk to. Then she and I met another two I ended up having a little homegirl crew. lol they were older like all over 45 but they were real cool ladies.

The comedians were ALL hilarious. Rodney Perry was the host. He is stupid funny. First was some guy that is on that show last comic standing. He was hilarious. Then was Kim whitley hilarious. Then Esaw, he was retarted stupid funny. Then Bill Belamy....Why did no one ever tell me how funny he is? He had me falling out laughing fun. He like basically tore down the house. Freaking tooooooo funny. He sucks in movies but his stand up was hurting my sides. Then was AJ Jamal he is funny but short since everyone basically had came to see Bill crazy self. and Last was Michael Colyar. his ass is funnnnnnnny. This guy tried to heckle him.....His ass got straight ghetto stupid with him.....

I must admit I had a good night out by myself. And I met so cool old lady friends too.


Chris said...

I need to get out and laugh too...the only problem is, I run into too many chicks there by themselves...jk

jirzygurl said...

yo i used to have a crush on bill bellamy waaaaaaaaaaay back in the day. i have NO idea why.

sounds fun