Thursday, July 10, 2008

fatal mistake.

this morning my friend stace, sent me a three paragraph email asking me her advice about her dead beat boyfriend. he really is an asshole.

i didn't really know what to say back, yall know i can be a bit blunt at times. so I fowarded the email to my to spirtual guide and to my down ass homegirl that will tell you like it is. for advice on what advice to give..... I included a little note that I didn't know what to say to my friend about her "broke ass fag boyfriend"

****why did I accidentally foward it to stace too!****

I sent an email apologizing.

Is this a fatal mistake for our friendship?


Chris said...

wow...did she respond back? That's totally wacked out son...but she had to know he was wack if she's asking for advice...I'm not sure. If she knows how you are, maybe she'll get over it. I have no problem telling any of my friends if the person they are with is a retard, so if they heard me say it to someone else, it wouldn't be a surprise.

Jane said...

Yeah she wrote back. She said she was shocked that I would bust her out like that but that she wasn't mad.

She said she didn't know that's how I fetl about her dude (even though I tell her all the time). She said it hurt to hear the truth so bluntly.

jirzygurl said...

well at least she understood. that is the worse feeling though... kind of like locking your keys in the car... like as soon as the door closes you see them on the seat like OH SHIT!!!

hopefully she gets the point though

Monie said...

Damn, J. LOL!

Glad she didn't get pissed at you.