Monday, June 02, 2008

we don't need no water...

I went to a bond fire yesterday.

I went to, what the natives here call "the negro beach"

(the only beach you're allowed to barbeque on... )

Please excuse the yuck-like-ness of my face in this photo; I'll blame it on salt water, wind, and smoot from the fire. My hair smelled like a chimmney today.

Over doing it, is a MUST when you go to negro beach.

Why is this picture is so hilarious to me? #1- home boy has on socks and gangsta shorts. #2. the guy the in the back is on his two way. #3 What the hell was I taking a picture of?

Some of myfolks tryna stay warm...


jirzygurl said...

looks fun!

Monie said...

That does look fun!