Monday, June 30, 2008

i AM still alive.

- life complicates your plans sometimes; therefore, i jane, have been m.i.a. for 50 million days on blogger. i'm back now bitches!

- MY, my fantasic little 5 year old is in Florida on the vacation i wish i could afford... disneyworld, bahamas, water park, massages, life and luxury...chillin with my parents out in WPB

-e, is offically out of the picture. expect for his occasional text message of a simple: "imissyou". the fact that he had intention on purposely impegnanting me (yes....i was like ay, yo bra I don't roll likes that! yafeelme?!) and a number of other things that led to our relationship demise.

- vh1 and i are something of an item. if i do dare to say so myself. don't say it. i know im a sucka for love. so what, don't like me! the truth is i enjoy being a part of a "we" as in we went to see the Hulk this weekend and we had lunch at Kabuki and I made sangria as he prepared homemade pesto and pasta with lemon shrimp all from scratch on a hot sunny afternoon so that we could have dinner and movie.....sigh....being in a "we" is always fun....

- my hair is on banging this week....

yeah I know my camera sucks! buy me a new one! ok these pictures do me no justice but i missed yall so hopefully you missed me.****looking out at the blog world, needing a little love****

- nina, email me your address so that I can send you flatrandy...he's been talking about you non stop for the last three weeks....ughhhh you two make me sick!

- I saw mr.wonderful last week. it wasn't uncomfortable. it wasn't weird. in fact we've been chatting a bit. only as FRIENDS nothing else. i wouldn't want to put yall through that again! ha!

-sony studios, my bestfrend, is about to pop. her baby is due anysecond any minute....and yes, I will be an auntie again!

- the following statements are made in complete awareness that I may be coming off like a homophob (which may very well likely be what i am, you tell me whether I over reacted).:
I am officially not friends with my refound friend bonee, that confessed to me that she was bisexual or gay or whatever. I feel like she was tryna have a selie and shoog avery momment (circa the color purple) with me the other night...."tramp i love dick!" oopps...sorry. but that is how i feel! I mean, if can respect that you like cooch; then respect that i love penis! matter fact I want a t-shirt made that says "I love penis" I love my own cooch, shoot I take it eveywhere i go like mastercard but i don't like other women in that tingly feeling kinda a way. and i don't like that someone who knows that would "try" something with me.....she didn't try to kiss me or nothing... she made me extremely comfortable...
1. she comes over talking about she spending the night...huh first she didn't ask could she and we grown ass women what we got to spend the night foe? you live right around the corner?!
2. we susposed to be going to the club and she get to my house not dressed, hair in disarray. talking about oh, i'm hook my hair up right now.
3. she say she don't feel well. I was like "why you comeover you knew I was going out?"
4.then she have the nerve to say to me "can't you just take care of me?" BITCH no! I ain't your dude! I was like "you gotta go!" put her ass outta my house.

-bigsis my older sister who's not talking to me, but i could give a shit, really. is due in september but she big as a seven-monther.

-oh, yeah i met vh1's friends and family the other was intresting to say the least. one of his homies looks like a photocopy of lil john. so ridiculous. another one was looking fizzzine like chico debarge when he first got outta um um

- well i'm fina drink the rest of this sangria and have me a slice of chocolate chip cheese cake....

KISSES....stop that! no tongue!....ewwwww.


Dione said...

1st time here. Found your blog on An Imitation of Life Profile Search. Gotta love that movie.
Anyway, about your homophobia, don't sweat it. I hate it when other females feel like that's the "In thing" these days and expect you to go with the flow. No way.

I don't blame you girl- Tell em you're strictly dickly and keep on movin...

Young woman on a journey said...

aww...vh1! he sounded cooler than E anyway, it was obvious you weren't feeling him or his antics anymore.

Chris said...

I'm totally with you on the phobe thing...I mean, I'm totally not a phobe...but everytime I've ever been nice to a gay guy, he thinks I want him. WTF? I'm like a chairman of the board for Vag LLC...and I don't need any penis, I'm all stocked up! I'm happy for you though with the relationship though! Good luck.

jirzygurl said...

awww... "we" sounds fantastic! congrats!! and yall some cooking folks over there. please fedex me a plate.. thanks!

bonee's days were numbered anyway... doesn't make you a phobe necessarily.

Sha Boogie said...

LOL @ 'my hair is on bangin'-- you is a trip!


Can I borrow him? Just for the pasta, I have my own penis that I love, HAHA!

Moody Gemini said...

Glad you are back!

Monie said...

Grrrrrr, I am secretly jealous of your hair. LOL!