Thursday, May 22, 2008

"cold going mad..."

I’ve got an eerie feeling this morning. Feeling empty. Like there’s a hollow in my stomach. So many folks have been running me raged lately.

Things seem so peachy keen with e. but in me something’s not right. Found out today that he has a MySpace account that is marked private. When I requested him as a friend he denied me. When I asked him about it…he gave me the switch the topic then the quick good bye. Since then the behavior has been suspicious. I’ve decided to step back from it a bit. Just breathe on it.

I mentioned my friend that’s just a friend last post and I must admit. I lightweight like him as more than a friend. So I’ve stepped back from that too.

BW cussed me out yesterday because I turned down on a night of fun.

This chic at my job is working my nerves. It’s like she’s going through menopause and we all have to suffer. She and my boss both.

My weekend is going to be fun. If all works out.

I’m getting my hair done tonight.

I have dance rehearsal Friday night.

Saturday I have to go to my daughter’s father’s sister’s baby shower.

Then Saturday evening I’m going to a Barbeque with my friend that’s just a friend that I like more than a friend but if it doesn’t work out with e he could be an option but I’m not thinking like that right? Right.

Sunday is my friend NDN’s son’s birthday party.

Sunday night I have to perform at church.

Monday I’m thinking about UCLA reggaefest but it’s $25 now!!! It used to be free. But now that reggae is so popular it’s 25! It went from free to $5 to $7 to $10 to $15 to $20 to $25 over the ten years that I’ve been attending…. But Mr.Vegas is going to be there and he is my FAVORITE artist so I just might bite the bullet and go.


jirzygurl said...

yo myspace is the devil... i know so many people that get busted on it... but it is def shady if he didn't accept your friend request... and with friend that you like as more than a friend, keep your options open in case e. does start trippin

Young woman on a journey said...

that myspace thing sounds iffy. i don't trust myspace either. i agree with the first person...its the devil. i read an article recently that said to never close off possibilities till you are married. if you aren't married, then you are single. i thought it was good advice cause this dating game is not cute.

Eb the Celeb said...

dang he gave you the okey doke on the myspace account...

somebody is up to no good

Nina said...

Wise lady...stepping back when you feel it in your gut.

Don said...

"daughter's father sister..."

that sounds funny.

enjoy the reggaefest and you might want to keep an eye on e. something's up. i hope i'm not hating. lol.

Jane said...

jirzy- myspace is the devils plaything wonder i can't stop visiting mine everyday.

journey-i'm tryna keep all possibilities up and running...

eb- i'm starting to believe they're all up to no good

nina- i'm learning to listen to that gut much more.

don- oh, don my are not hating...i know shady business when i see it.... and yeah i got some ghetto mess my daughter's fathers sister wants to be my bestfriend still... i figure she is my kids auntie i might as well try.