Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Truth be told.

*I met mrniceynice one day when I’d taken my daughter to get some ice cream at coldstones (cookiedon’tyouwantsome), I walked out the store, hand in hand with MY and he drove past in his Tahoe looking very handsome (from the side). He spoke clearly. Didn’t try to "mack me up". He smiled, I saw the gap in his teeth, reminded me of Mr. Wonderful… he had a gap too. That night I spoke to him over the phone for hours. Great conversation. Funny. Warm. Attentive. The next day we went out for ice cream, back to the scene of the crime.

* He's a nice guy. I'm not trying to find anything wrong with him. I'm not trying to create a problem with him. I am just not necessarilly physically attracted to him per se. He's not my type. He's handsome; but he's just not my type. The more time I spend with him the more I like him. I just don't want to do "it" to him. It's not that there's anything at all wrong with him, I just don't have an immediate want to hump him. Like I could see my self being with him. We're a good pair...but I just don't know if I'd want to have babies with him? crazy...ehh...whatever!

* Barbershop called me this morning at 7:16am, we chatted. He then went on to inform me that he’s moving into the building directly across from me. His apartment would be the one that looks right into my front door. Can you hear the funereal music? I can ….my favorite color is pink yall, and I hate blush, don’t let em put blush on me.

*I’m having a party this weekend. It’s for my 27th birthday (which isn’t until the 6th but I’m going to prom on the 3rd …yeah prom {I’ll explain later}) and it’s also going away party for my home girl Kinkos. The home girl Tinez back out on the deal…trick (I say that with as much love as possible). My homegirl Eb is going to my hair and eyelashes. I don’t have a dress yet. I’ll get one by the end of the day. Stay tuned for photos...

* I’m going to a series that my Bishop is having called "The Levels of Love"… to be continued.

* Oh yeah a few posts ago I referred to my shoes as "platforms" I meant "wedge heels"!!! HA!
For my cuzo's party: She cried, we went to the resturant that he took her for their first date, we went to a club, a friend of mine brought us a round of drinks, got back in the stretch limo Navigator and I threw up. end.

* mynewlovepoem guy got a little miffed at me because i was drunk and didn't call him. we're done.

*i talked to bwood he's doing good.

*crazyc moved to Nevada but he's here in LA like every weekend.

*I'm planning a baby shower for my girl studios...the prettiest pregnant girl ever (besides me...cause I was fine)

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jirzygurl said...

well i'm glad there is no self sabotage!