Sunday, April 06, 2008

Blessed be.

my life has been in a sort of bi-polar rollercoaster the last two weeks. it's just amazing.

one second i have my head raised prouldly walking sassily down Market street with my brown slouch boots (yeah they're still my fav's right now) the next I can't get out of bed.

this morning at church out bishop was in africa, partly for his anniversary and partly to check on a village we adopted there. well, the substitute pastor was pastor titus... dang i can't remember his first name.

well he spoke about 'prasing god in the mist of you turbulence'. he spoke up when you are in the middle of your trials, to look past it and begin to praise god for what a testimony your experience will be. it's like that was written for me...

well thank yall for all the well wishing and advice over the last few weeks and years...ha...i really appreciate it.

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