Monday, January 28, 2008

relax. relate. release.

i'm feeling much better today.
by the way, did you see my face in my pic? i am becoming a little chunky monkey huh?

i've been writing a short story in my head all day, a spicy one that i really wanted to share but my back is hurting now (damn that Eve), so i'm just not feeling up to it.

i haven't really gave an update on mysocalledlife (other than my sister drama) and there's really not much to report.

still hanging with babershop. i still refuse to commit seriously to anything with him. still feel eerie, about him...can't trust a black man with freckles and red hair...ya know?
still window shopping the idea of letting bwood (an ex of mine from 2003) back in my life full time.
still flirting with a disaster in flores.
work is good. got a $600 fatter check, last week! loved it wit two snaps in a circle.
watched school daze (one of the greastest movies of all time) the other day and remembered why i love being black so much...cause only we can really appreciate and connect with that movie. seeing it put me on a high for the week..then i was reading in my vibe today at work (while trying to avoid that lady that talks too much, in the lunchroom) an article on the movie, just put me in an even better mood!!! (is it me or is vibe getting a little mensmag/tabloid-ish? its this new editor they have now)

i've been thinking about relationships and what i want now at 26 (and more than a half). i've been thinking about how what i want has changed so drastically since when i first started this blog at 23. i think now, i am so ready to be a pig!! you know how in ham and eggs, the pig is committed but the chicken's just involved? i'm ready to be the pig!
ready to settle down. tell some man (that man) i love him. make some important decisions together. get married and make some more babies.
just gotta find that man. **the understatment of the year**

i'm getting a little tired of doing this running the household on my own thing. it's a little played out...

for those of you that don't have kids, if you have them on your own, people don't tell you, you're going to be the only one doing the dishes for a long time....or in my case rinsing them and putting them in the dishwasher.

ok...for real i need 600mg of motrin, an old school hot water bottle, my thumb in my mouth (yep it's a horrible habit) and a warm bed....
later gaters.

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26 huh...started the blog at 23?...reading your blog i was thinking about where i was 3 yrs ago...does that make me lucky to have met my fiance at 18? or unlucky? i dontknow... but i guess im in a good 24 now and even though i dont love my age, now with my job i feel like im starting to accomplish something...the "american dream" lol